Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Spark Jogger Single Seat Stroller Reviews
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Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Spark Jogger Single Seat Stroller

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Aug 3, 2005
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Pros:Entertaining sound system. Attachable tire pump. Smooth Ride. Easy steering. Good sun protection. Sporty look.

Cons:Not best for all terrain. Not for jogging. Might not fit in trunk.

The Bottom Line: If your 1st priority is entertainment for your baby and your 2nd is fashion, then this is a perfect stroller. But if you want serous exercise, get a real jogger.

A Comparison:

My best friend has this stroller and I have the InSTEP Safari TT. We go for walks around the lake. The big wheels mean both of these strollers ride smoothly and both do well over bumpy terrain. Both have the swivel /fixed front wheel option and both have great maneuverability. Both are about the same price. They’re also both about the same size, except the InSTEP has 16” rear wheels while the Liberty only has 12” wheels. Also, both are easy to fold, but both are difficult to fit in the trunk. My best friend has a Kia and she has to put her stroller in the back seat to get it in her car. Another similarity is the steel frame. Steel presents the possibility of rust if it's not kept dry.

A major difference is the rear suspension system, which the InSTEP has but the Liberty does not have. The Liberty has speakers in the canopy that, with batteries, can play music for your baby. It also has a tray for the child with cup holders and a toy steering wheel that makes driving sounds and plays music. It also has a huge basket for underneath storage. It even comes with a tire pump that can stay attached to the stroller, which is great in the event of a flat tire. The InSTEP does not have this. At 27.5 lbs it’s also lighter than the InSTEP. But what I like most about the Liberty is the size of the canopy. It has great sun protection.

In Turn, the Liberty is more comfortable and fun. But, the InSTEP really does handle better over bumpy terrain.

What I know about Jogging Strollers:

A traditional jogger will have a big front wheel (16” or more) that is always fixed to track straight. This is great for bumpy surfaces or for running, but a fixed front wheel does not do well for navigating sharp turns. The Liberty has a smaller front wheel with a swivel option that is designed for easy turning. It is exactly what the non-jogging average person needs. A swiveling front wheel does not do well over very bumpy surfaces and is dangerous while running.

The swivel feature is a new addition to the jogging stroller. It was added by manufactures in response to the growing popularity of jogging strollers in the mainstream public. The fad is similar to the SUV fad. Big tires look cool. Average people don’t actually use their strollers for jogging. But they do use their strollers for average activities like shopping, crossing streets and going over curbs.

The Jeep website even lists its Jeep Liberty as not to be used for jogging. The Liberty is an extremely popular stroller, but only because of its big wheels, its entertainment features, its sporty look and its fashionable brand name.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 145.00
Age Range of Child: 12 to 36 Months

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