Casio e-databank DB-70

Mar 5, 2005
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Pros:Cool colored digital numbers Dual time Water Resist to 50M

Cons:Tiny edata memory Tedious input method Dual time easy to change by accident

The Bottom Line: I recommend if the price is below $40 US. Its cool factor alone is worth it and you could buy a more capable watch when you need it.

The Casio DB-70 is a stylish digital watch with unique colored LCD and numbers. According to the Casio website it came with a metal or a resin band. I bought the black resin band model. I believe it is now discontinued. I can see why.
The features did not justify the full price.

While it is a great looking watch, the eDatabank feature is gimmicky at best. With memory for only 356 characters, there is not enough room to be of much use. Each letter in the line you are entering must be scrolled to in order using forward and backward buttons. There are only four large characters on the main display, and four smaller ones on the top half of the display, meaning that you can see only 8 letters at a time in playback mode. There are no shortcuts for entering http:// or @, so really, the intended purpose of the databank, to store links and email addresses is just a suggestion. You could store anything in there... as long as it's shorter than 356 characters. On the plus side, the data you do enter can be password protected, so if you need to take sensitive information with you on a trip, you can store it in your watch. Very James Bond.

OK, so that's the eDatabank feature. Now on to why I bought the watch: it looks Cool. With this watch Casio has departed from the standard black on white square letter display. The letters on the bottom 2/3 of the screen are made up of oversized pixels and are tall rectangular and Italicised. The letters on the top 1/3 are what you would see on other Casio digital watches.

The split screen on this watch can be switched between four different color schemes: r=light red R=dark red B=blue Bl=black W=white
mode 1 mode 2 mode 3 mode 4
r on R | B on W | B on W | r on R ->top third of screen
R on B | Bl on W | R on B | Bl on W ->bottom 2/3 of screen

When the color mode is red on blue, the red numbers shine with an almost holographic quality, which is cool to watch.

The watch also includes the standard Stopwatch and Alarm features. Nothing new there except maybe the special Snooze alarm.

The DB70 has a button on the front bottom of the bezel to operate the watches backlight. The watch is water-resistant to 50M. The dual-time mode is a separate mode, like the stopwatch mode. When you enter Dual time, your home time moves to the top 1/3 of the screen the bottom 2/3 is then local time. When you push the two right hand buttons you can adjust the local time in 1/2 hour increments, with the minutes matching your home time minutes, or exceeding them by 30 minutes. Dual time is very easy to set, but also very easy to change by accident since there is no "set mode". As long as you are in Dual time, the press of a right hand button will change the time.

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