John Deere 518r Walk Behind Tiller

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Another great John Deere Tiller

Sep 25, 2000
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John Deere 518R Walk Behind Tiller

I have a fairly large yard (1/3+ acre lot) with a big garden. I needed a tiller that could be used in the garden and around the larger for small to large duty gardening and landscaping work. I had used several different tillers in the past (both front and rear tine tiller) and eventually decided to purchase the John Deere Rear Tine Walk Behind Tiller for the following reasons:


1) POWER - The powerplant for this unit is a 5-HP gas engine. This is just perfect for the homeowner with a medium to large yard. This engine has worked just great over the 50+ hours that I have used the tiller. Rarely does the tiller "bog down" due to a lack of power.

2) RELIABILITY - Other than just conducting routine maintenance and cleaning, I have had NO PROBLEMS with this unit. I am a big fan of John Deere equipment and this tiller appears to be holding up as a typical John Deere tool.

3) REAR TINE - I definitely recommend the rear tine tillers to the mid or front tine tillers. The rear tine tillers are easier to control, dig better, and typically have a self-propelled power drive. My John Deere model definitely fits this description. BUY A REAR TINE TILLER, unless you have a small yard or need to get into small spaces.


1) SIZE - This tiller is too big for small yards or "surgical" tilling. I don't have this problem, so this tiller is perfect for my yard. The only other size problem is storage. You will need a space that is big enough for about two bikes to adequately store this tiller.

2) COST - This tiller costs significantly more than front tine tillers and may be cost prohibitive for some homeowners (approximately $500 to 750 depending).


This is a great rear tine tiller at a typical cost. I highly recommend it for people with larger yards. This unit could probably fit well into a landscaping contractor's business.

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