Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape with Dispenser

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Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape: A Good Choice for Your Family's First Aid Kit

Sep 25, 2004
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Pros:Breathable, Hypoallergenic. Easy-to-use dispenser.

Cons:not waterproof

The Bottom Line: Must have for those with sensitive skin. While not waterproof and may require more frequent dressing changes, it still holds up well without the potential irritation of stronger tapes.

After my recent surgery, the doctor put a heavy-duty adhesive bandage over my incision site to securely protect it during the critical first few days. However, when it came time to do my first dressing change, I discovered after I pulled off the bandage that I was severely allergic to it and had developed a horrible rash!

The nurse at my doctor's office suggested an alternative method for protecting my incision site: use a non-stick pad secured by a paper tape such as Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape. She told me this particular tape would be good for me due to its ability to let the skin breathe more as well as being hypoallergenic, with an adhesive less likely to cause a rash.

So on the way home I swung by and picked up a package at my local Rite Aid. It's bad enough to dealing with the pain of surgery but now I was also dealing a rash as well and didn't want to exasperate it any further. I figured the paper tape would also be a good addition to my First Aid kit and would certainly get a lot of use since I mom of two active boys.

About the Product

The particular package of Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape that I purchased came in the 1 inch x 5 yards size (2.5cm x 4.5m). It comes with a dispenser, but I have also seen Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape in rolls and in a larger 10 yard size, as well as a 1/2 inch width. The dispenser itself is housed a clear plastic box which is easily opened on either side. I purchased this particular tape at Rite Aid for $4.19.

Since Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape does not contain the heavier adhesives of some bandages and other tapes, it is not considered waterproof and will require more frequent changes. Additionally, just as the nurse had said to me, this paper tape had been dermatologist tested and deemed suitable for sensitive skin.

The dispenser on Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape is very convenient and easy to use: just slide back green cover that protects tape and keeps it sterile, pull out needed amount, and push back green cover and its claw-like teeth will cut off tape. The tape will have a nice, clean cut and be ready for next use. Alternatively, when pulling out tape you can stick one end to your skin as you pull out needed amount to prevent any possible bunching of tape as well as keeping your hands off tape as much as possible.

Johnson & Johnson recommends the following method for wound care when using this tape:

1. CLEAN: Stop any bleeding with sterile pad and clean area with mild soap and water and/or antiseptic. Pat dry.
2. TREAT: Apply ointment
3. PROTECT: Cover with gauze or non-stick pad and tape sides securely.

In my situation the nurse suggested drying my incision site with a hair dryer.

My experiences

Using Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape was a cinch. While you can get the same product in a roll, I personally liked using the dispenser. Not only does it keep the tape nice and clean but it saves me the effort of hunting down scissors to cut it. My kids and husband are always going into my First Aid kit so I can never count on my scissors to be there when I need them so this is a nice added feature for me.

I was surprised to find how well it actually did stick. While it did sometime start to loosen on the ends, it overall held very well. I found the best way to deal with this problem was to apply extra long pieces and if they loosened slightly during the day, I would just trim them so I wouldn't need to apply more tape.

The big test, however, would be to see how non-irritating Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape really was. What I found was that it did leave my skin just ever so slightly red when first removed, but any slight irritation disappeared within an hour, nothing like the rash I was still dealing with from the original bandage. I worked around this problem by rotating my tape each day.

As I said, don't expect this to be a waterproof tape. It did come loose everyday in the shower. But otherwise, Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape stayed on a full 24 hours.

Final thoughts

Johnson & Johnson Non-Irritating Paper Tape is a good choice for any family's First Aid kit and in particular, for those who have family members with sensitive skin. While this tape is not as secure as waterproof bandages or tape, it much more kind on the skin. Just expect to do more frequent dressing changes.

Remember, when changing any bandage or dressing, wash hands first!

Thanks to bops_mom for adding this to the database!

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