Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash

May 18, 2008 (Updated May 18, 2008)
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Pros:for all of baby's bathing needs, affordable, widely available, trusted brand


The Bottom Line: Johnson's head-to-toe baby wash is a great product for baby's bathtime. It will leave baby smelling great, with smooth and soft skin. This small bottle is great on the go!

Bathtime with baby can be a fun, yet scary time. Its a great time to bond with your little one as they have a new experience, especially as they get older and start to splash and play. Its nice to get your baby all clean and smelling wonderful again after a long day. But baby's are very slippery when wet, and that can be scary for new parents and even for experienced ones of 3 children, like me! I have found that it is sometimes easiest to use one good product to get baby clean without having to open and close different bottles, and sit them up. When I give my little one a bath I try to always have one hand on him, I just feel safer that way, especially since he is becoming more mobile and rolls over. I've always trusted and liked Johnson's baby care products so I decided to try Johnsons Baby Head to Toe Baby Wash.

Johnson's Baby Head-to-toe Baby Wash, 1-Ounce Bottle

I think it is always a good idea to keep travel size bottles of your baby care products on hand. They are great to carry with you in the diaper bag and wonderful to take to grandma's or the sitter's house. You can buy Johnson's Baby Head-to-toe Baby Wash in the one ounce bottle from many different stores, it will be located with the other adult travel size items. A single bottle of the one ounce size product costs about $1.25. Or if you like, and actually it is more cost effective, Johnson's sells a Take Along set of 4 trial size and 2 packets of their different baby care products. Most stores that carry the Take Along packs sell them for between $3-$5. I have $3.

Johnson's Baby Head-to-toe Baby Wash 1-Ounce size comes in a small plastic see through yellow tinted bottle. It features a yellow flip top cap. The front of the bottle reads...

baby wash


#1 choice of hospitals

Johnson & Johnson

1 FL OZ (29mL)

On the back of the bottle it lists the ingredients of the baby wash, information about Johnson & Johnson, a phone number for questions and also a website for more information. The website is, and if you can check out that site for more information on this product like directions for use and any possible warnings, this info is not listed on the back of the trial size bottles, and I assume that is just because of the lack of space. Also on the back of the bottle is a safety tip that says "Keep out of reach of children."

When you pop the lid open on the Head-to-Toe baby wash, smell it. It smells extremely similar to Johnson's baby shampoo. It has a fresh clean scent. When you are ready to use it on baby, first wet the washcloth with water. I usually use between a dime and quarter size amount on the wash cloth. The baby wash is like a gel in consistency though slightly thinner. It is a light yellow in color. I rub the washcloth together to create a nice lather and wash away! This product is great because it has the "No more tears" guarantee and you won't have to worry about it stinging babies eyes. You literally can use this wash from head to toe on baby. It replaces the shampoo, and leaves baby's hair clean, soft and smelling great with no residue left behind. It gives the same great results on baby's skin. After I get my son out of the bath, we get him diapered up and then apply Johnson's baby lotion. Yum, he smells so good. There is nothing that smells better than a fresh clean baby.

I highly recommend Johnson's Head-to-toe Baby Wash in any size bottle. The travel size is great though, and you can use your regular size head to toe wash to refill your little bottle. The flip top cap comes completely off and makes it simple for you to sqeeze product from the big bottle right in. Johnson's Head-to-toe Baby Wash is affordable, and widely available, and it also cuts out the need for a seperate shampoo. I would suggest this product for any new parents, and its a great item for a baby shower gift bag.

You may be wondering why I decided to review the pack of 48 one ounce bottles, really no one needs that many. I just thought when I first saw this set that it would be a purchase that would make a great donation to your local food pantry, or woman's shelter....remember its always nice to think of people who don't have it as great as we do!

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