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Joovy Caboose Blue Check Standard Double Seat Stroller

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Before Your Kids Start Pushing You Around Use This.

Jun 2, 2009
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Pros:This will allow you to put all of your kids in one spot.

Cons:This can be quite combersome and hard to steer at times.

The Bottom Line: This will be the last stroller that you will have to purchase.

When you have had as many kids that we have had, usually you will have at least three of them in diapers at one time or another.  In addition, you are continually running around and chasing them to keep them under control.  When I was first married over 42 years ago, I had no notion of ever having eight children but when you have a very fertile baby-making machine such as my ex-wife then that is what you get in return.  We were going through several thousands of diapers a year and along with we noticed that the crayons and dog food was disappearing at an alarming rate.  We also were going through a lot of umbrella strollers, we would usually have to carry thereof these at a time in the trunk, and this was always a real pain because they were always getting messed up by the other stuff that we had in the trunk.  They would be tangled up with each other when you tried to pull them out of the trunk and then the wheels would get bent and not work properly.  After a while, it can get quite expensive replacing these. That is when we decided to purchase our final stroller.  The Joovy Company makes this, and you can usually find this at Babies R Us, Toys R Us, or any of the other baby supply sites or stores for right around $350.00, but we got ours at a steal for half price.  This one was the floor model at Babies R Us, so they gave it to us for half price.


Once you purchase one of these you will have to clean out your trunk to make it fit, when the stroller is folded up it is 14” in height and 22” wide and 63” long.  Once you pull this out of your trunk, this is very large and when you unfold it, it is 45” high, 22” wide, and 55” long.  Therefore, this makes for a big and bulky stroller, and the weight is 37 to 40 pounds, this depends on what accessories that you have hooked up to it.  This is black in color and will hold three kids at a time.  You should receive two canopies and a mesh basket is mounted underneath the stroller.  The front seat will hold an infant carrier and there is a five-point harness for the secondary seat.  This has a braking system an all the wheels, there six total wheels, two sets of double wheels in the front and two single ones in the back. You will notice that this has two seats that will recline with footrests for each.  They each have five point restraints to hold your child in safely, but the front will allow you to hold an infant seat.  Each of the canopies is machine washable and you will have cup holders for each of your children. Each of the positions carries a different weight limit, the back seat, and platform will hold a child 2-1/2 year’s old and maximum weight of 45 pounds, and 44” tall.  The front will only allow you to put a child 6 months of age weighing the max of 40 pounds. The car seat infant carrier that will only fit in the front seat will allow just about any weight from birth.


We have found that this was the best way to go around when we had all of the kids together. There will be some assembly required before you use this.  We just had to make sure that we had a big trunk to hold this stroller.  In addition, it does weigh quite a lot compared to the smaller umbrella strollers.  When this is fully loaded, it does get quite heavy and can be very hard to steer when making those sharp turns.  With convenience, sometimes you lose some things in return, such as with the addition of extra seats you will not have hardly any storage room.  You will also have to put up with the added weight of the extra passengers.  If you have kids’ stair step the way we did then it is better to sacrifice a little, to get some convenience in your life.  We also have found that with this stroller it is very durable and does not rust.  You will have to get used to having an extra child directly right in front of you while you are walking, this might be something that takes some getting used to.  It is just amazing, that no matter how many straps that you use to hold your kids inside one of these they usually find a way to wiggle themselves loose, and allow them to be able to stand up in the seats when you are not looking.  We have not ever regretted spending this kind of money on a stroller, even as they grow out of this and can no longer stand or sit in it; we just use the extra seat for extra supplies or accessories.


When we had a small problem with the canopies, all we did was call the company and they sent us a brand new one.  If the part that you have a problem with, can be removed, they will replace it, and if you need a complete new stroller, they will take care of that problem too.


We are extremely happy, with our stroller and we have gotten lots of use out of it.  We have even gotten compliments on it.  You will need a little bit of muscle when this is fully loaded, sometimes the front wheels will spin around when you are trying to make a turn, then you have to just back up and the push forward again then you are on your way.  We have not had any mechanical problems with this stroller.  I would give this five out of five stars for durability and affordability.

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Amount Paid (US$): 150.00
Age Range of Child: Other

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