I LOVE Jujubes Candy even though they broke my tooth and taste like perfume!

Feb 8, 2012 (Updated Feb 8, 2012)
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Pros:Low in calories, fat-free, reminds me of my childhood, a challenge to eat!

Cons:Sticky, hard to chew, indiscernible flavors, an acquired taste for sure

The Bottom Line: Jujubes Candy take me back to my childhood. These hard, sticky, strange tasting nuggets are addicting but not for everyone!

I'm probably one of a select few that absolutely LOVE Jujubes Candy. My sister says they're like little stones with no discernible flavor and no one in my family will touch them. MORE FOR ME! These candies aren't for everyone but I've been eating them since I was a kid and keep on doing so even after breaking a tooth two years ago attempting to chew them.
What are Jujubes Candies?
Jujubes come in 1.5 oz. and 6.5 oz. boxes. They're pencil eraser sized nuggets of multi-colored hard candy that turn gummy/sticky in the mouth. They come in lilac, lemon, cherry, and lime but none taste like their flavors. I didn't even know the purple ones were supposed to be LILAC. No wonder everyone says they taste like perfume! Born in 1920, not much has changed about these rather strange candies. I've been eating them for decades and can't resist picking up a box of them whenever I see them displayed.

Taste and Texture

Jujubes Candies start out hard in the mouth then soften and become gummy. And sticky. They easily get stuck in my teeth and indeed, broke one of them two years ago! The key is not to bite them until they are super soft. As for flavor, well, the purple tastes like perfume and the others have no real flavor that I can discern other than sweetness. The green ones taste green though. Generic green candy green.


These have no nutritional value but won't pack on the pounds. They're fat-free and only 110 calories for 52 pieces! It'll take you hours to get through 52 pieces of these stubborn little nuggets! There are 18 grams of sugar in a serving and 28 grams of carbs. Sugar rush time!

The ingredients are typical gummy candy fare: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Modified Food Starch (Potato), White Mineral Oil, Carnauba Wax, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Artificial Colors.

WHY Jujubes Candy?

I savor these candies. I eat just one at a time and it takes ages to soften it up and eventually chew and swallow it. I love gummy candy and, while these aren't really gummy, they turn soft and chewy. They remind me of my childhood. I honestly don't think an adult would like these if they never had them before. For some, Jujubes are addicting. For others, they're tooth-breaking, strange tasting, hard to chew nuggets of sugar and waxes. An acquired taste indeed and one I acquired long ago!

Buying Info

You can buy both sizes of Jujubes Candy at drugstores, mass-market stores and even dollar stores. The price is around a dollar for the small box.

The Verdict

If you never had Jujubes Candies before, you probably won't like them. If you're like me and ate them as a kid, they're still the same little stubborn nuggets they always were and so very addicting! I personally love Jujubes so I give them 4 stars. Many will disagree with that rating but it's my rate and I'm sticking to it!

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