Kiss My Face Moisturizer Lavender / Shea Butter (0201673C) Reviews
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Kiss My Face Moisturizer Lavender / Shea Butter (0201673C)

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Kiss My Face Lavender & Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizer

Feb 22, 2004 (Updated Feb 22, 2004)
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Pros:scent is refreshing, helps with scars or stretch marks, leaves skin smooth


The Bottom Line: Kiss My Face Lavender and Shea Butter will get you moisturized and feeling refreshed.

I am always looking at new lotions for myself. I like to have variety in my life rather than just using the same everyday. Kiss My Face has been a great company that I always check them out when I visit Whole Foods Market. I get an employee discount there which is substantially big through my fiancé working there.

Kiss My Face was designed by two young entrepreneurs that made soap from using Olive Oil and as time went by they owned a huge business compared to selling soap on the corner. I love Kiss My Face products since they are tested with animals and no ingredients are from animals. It is a reputable company that is there for the customer. I am willing to pay a little more for their products such as Kiss My Face Lavender & Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizer which is also aromatherapeutic.

Kiss My Face Lavender & Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizer comes in a 16 fl oz bottle with a pump on top that can lock into place if you should want to take it on a trip with you. The moisturizer is $8.99 to $9.99 depending on if it is on sale. It is an attractive bottle as well to have out in your house.

The aromatherapuetic scent of Lavender which is known as the “Universal Oil.” The Lavender can have the use of “healing to cell renewal to dermatitis. It also known to be “calming, relaxing, and balancing properties are legendary.” The scent of the lotion is with the strong scent of lavender.

The Shea Butter for years has been known to protect skin. It also has “fatty acids that contribute to the regeneration process of dry and wrinkled skin.”

Combined together, the Lavender and Shea Butter Moisturizer has emerged. It not only soother your skin but also can help with scars or stretch marks that you want to get rid of. I have used it for a while off and on and I have seen the differences between the Kiss My Face Lavender & Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizer and other lotion made by Kiss My Face and other beauty brands. I have been extremely pleased by the results.

I have less stretch marks from having my weight fluctuate constantly because of the medication I am taking. I have put the Kiss My Face Lavender & Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizer on my scars and seen the results of energized new skin cells developing and getting rid of my blemishes on my body.

I really recommend this product to those that enjoy the scent of Lavender but also the benefits of it being combined with Shea Butter. My skin doesn’t feel waxy or oily afterwards. It just feels smoother. I love that. My fiancé loves the scent as well. It isn’t overwhelming to another person but just enough to know that you have it on your skin.

The lotion is thin and you don’t need a lot of it to cover your body. I have used it on my throat due to a large scar from when I was a newborn and I can see the scars much lesser. I don’t put it on my face, I have another Kiss My Face product for that. Over all I am impressed with the results of this lotion. It seems to work better than other lotions that I have tried in the past for marks or scars. If you have some marks where you can see less of it using this lotion, I would say it is pretty perfect for you. The fragrance is light enough to but after a while you can’t smell it at all.

Once again, Kiss My Face has developed a wonderful product that for a few bucks more, it is worth it.

Until next time,
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