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Law Enforcement Goes to the Dogs in K-9

Apr 30, 2011
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Pros:Entertaining movie overall.

Cons:Silly at times. Acting issue.

The Bottom Line: K-9 has a few issues, but the movie is entertaining overall.

I first saw the movie K-9 years ago, possibly in the theater when it first came out.  I enjoyed the movie overall and I've watched it again over the years when I've found it on tv.  I just watched it again for the first time in a while.

Narcotics detective Michael Dooley is staking out Lyman, a drug dealer.  Lyman knows what Dooley is doing and sends a helicopter that blows up Dooley's car.  He barely manages to escape.  Still determined to bring down Lyman, Dooley ends up working with Jerry Lee, a police dog trained to sniff out drugs.  Dooley isn't that happy about working with a dog, especially when Jerry Lee acts up.  It also bugs Dooley that Jerry Lee is drawn to Tracy, his live in girlfriend, and she seems to love the dog.  Dooley starts making some progress on his case against Lyman which ends up putting Tracy in danger.

The plot for K-9 is straightforward and rather simple.  A few things happen, mostly tied to Dooley and Tracy's relationship, that seem to be attempts to add complications that don't really go anywhere overall.  Most of the movie is devoted to Dooley trying to get Jerry Lee to behave while trying to crack the case.  There really aren't any surprises to what happens and just about everything that happens is predictable.  The movie is still entertaining overall, but some may be bothered by the predictable story.

A lot of K-9 is focused on how Dooley is aggravated by Jerry Lee.  It is clear that the dog has had training, but he does sort of act up at times.  The dog does seem to have issues with Dooley and Jerry Lee does things to annoy him while acting like a perfect dog around Tracy.  Though part of the problem between Dooley and Jerry Lee is Dooley's fault with how he treats Jerry Lee.  At different times Dooley ties Jerry Lee up in the car or to a car part.  Dooley also tries to shut Jerry Lee in a closet.  He isn't exactly mean to Jerry Lee, but Dooley isn't that nice to him either.  The two of them do seem to end up liking each other later in the movie and they have found a way to get along.

While I don't really think of K-9 has been a hilarious movie, there is a decent amount of humor in the movie.  Much of the humor is tied to how Dooley and Jerry Lee interact with each other.  Jerry Lee is good at acting up in ways that annoy Dooley, and many of those things are funny in some way.  A few things done for humor are more crude or gross, but that type of humor doesn't overtake the movie.  Most of the things done for laughs are silly.  There are a few more serious and even touching moments in the movie as well.  

K-9 has some action in a few scenes without the movie being action packed.  There are a few explosions and some shootings.  Dooley has to deal with a few suspects every so often, sometimes with Jerry Lee's assistance.  There are a few chase scenes as well.  Violence does turn up in a few scenes without making the movie violent overall.  The movie is rated PG-13, so parents should check out the movie before letting their kids see it.  Some things tied to Tracy and Dooley's relationship come out without really adding any romance to the movie.

Dooley is a narcotics detective who is very determined to arrest Lyman.  Dooley doesn't always think things through and he can be a bit loud and abrasive every so often.  He does kind of act like a jerk every so often, though he is likable overall.  James Belushi is fine in the part, but I do think he goes overboard in a few scenes with the yelling.  Jerry Lee is a police dog who has a bit of an attitude problem.  
Tracy is Dooley's live in girlfriend.  She puts up with most of his fits, though she does have her breaking point.  She does act more mature than Dooley most of the time.  She isn't around enough to be that developed.  She seems nice and Mel Harris is fine in the part.  Lyman is a drug dealer willing to do anything to keep Dooley from arresting him.  Kevin Tighe does well with the part.  Other cops as well as people that Dooley meets during his investigation turn up briefly without them being developed much at all.  

Main Cast

James Belushi - Dooley
Mel Harris - Tracy
Kevin Tighe - Lyman

Rod Daniel - Director

I watched K-9 this time when I found the movie on one of the HBO channels I get.  I think the movie is out on DVD, but I could be wrong about that.  I don't know what sort of extras it has.  I also have no idea if it has been released on Blu-ray or not.

K-9 has a few issues, but it still manages to be an entertaining movie overall.  

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