Keebler Ready Crust, Graham Cracker, Mini 3 Inch Tart, 6 Count Packages (Pack Of 12)

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Keebler's Mini Ready Crust Tart Shells: Last Minute Desserts Made Easy!

Dec 5, 2007 (Updated Dec 19, 2009)
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Pros:Six per pack, plastic lid, easy to use, great taste.

Cons:Occasionally you'll run into a cracked or broken shell.

The Bottom Line: Make quick work of holiday desserts with Keebler Mini Ready Crust!

As much as I love to bake, I can't make a pie crust to save my life. Sure, they turn out about average but they look pretty haggard before they hit the oven and are filled with tasty things. When we lived in San Diego I was always amazed at the things that Vons and Albertsons had in stock; when I saw these mini graham cracker tart crusts I knew I had to get them and try to make something interesting with them. They are great for making individual desserts for parties but can also be used if you have picky kids or are serving things to a group and some people have food allergies. For less than two dollars a package you get six tart sized crusts that you can use for just about anything. The one thing that I love is there is a small plastic 'cup' that separates them inside the package. Don't throw these out! They are great for using to cover the tarts once you have filled them.

Keebler "Ready Crust" Graham Cracker Tart Shells

If you like making desserts with graham cracker shells then these will be a big hit. They are smaller than regular premade pie shells but they are great to work with. Most of the ones that I have purchased have been in excellent shape thanks to the way that they are packaged but there are times when you will get one that is broken or has fallen apart. Its important to check the condition of the overpacking material to see if there are any dents; that can mean a lot of cracked shells. Even so, unless you are completely anal about baking shells like I am, when you add the ingredients to it, it won't matter.

Can you use these for baking? If you want to you can but I never had great results from them because of the size, need to adjust the temperature and the need to have them on a cookie sheet to make getting them in and out of the oven easier. Because these are smaller they are going to cook a lot faster than a regular sized pie shell or crust. Make sure you remove the plastic that is used to separate the crusts before you attempt to bake them. Does Keebler say that these can be used in the oven? They don't say that they can't be so I have to assume that they can be if you use care and watch them like a hawk.

One of my all time favorite things to make from these nifty shells is a Banana Cream Pie; not the usual run of the mill stuff either! All you need are a few boxes of vanilla or banana flavored pudding, fresh bananas and these pie crusts. Make the pudding mix but only use half the milk; this will make it firm and keep it from falling apart. It also helps to keep the crust from getting soggy. Cut the bananas into slices and layer them into the individual tart crusts then add the pudding mix over it. Allow it to chill for at least an hour before serving. Make sure the bananas are covered with the pudding mix or they will start to turn brown. If you have extra graham crackers you can smash them up and add them to the top of the pudding mix once you have poured it into the Ready Crust.

These are a short cut to making desserts. You can fill them with ice cream and top them off with some Cool Whip or make a pudding and fruit combo like the above mentioned Banana Cream Pie. Another awesome but completely diet-killing thing is to make chocolate pudding [you can use pudding cups but it isn't as thick] and use half the milk the recipe calls for then add shaved pieces of chocolate to the top. You can do that in a matter of minutes and friends or dinner guests will think you spent hours on it. You can also get these crusts in chocolate but they are hard to find in my area.

Of course with convenience comes a price; these sell for less than two dollars for the six pack but I wait until they are on sale and stock up on them. Store them someplace cool and dry and they are fine until you need them. Kids can make their own desserts and they are great if you want something sweet but making a whole pie or dessert will be too tempting to have around. Make sure that you seal unused tart crusts in something airtight to preserve them and keep them from drying out and falling apart.

The Bottom Line

One of the main reasons I buy these is because they come with the small plastic separator that can be used as a lid. And yes, I do try to recycle them and use them a few times. Even if the lids are damaged or lost, the small aluminum tart pans can be used for baking, 'ketchup dipping' for the kids or even arts and crafts. Outside of the occasional busted crust, I have nothing bad to say about the Keebler Ready Crusts!

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