Dishwasher OK, but I would not use Sears service

Jan 24, 2010
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Cleans dishes well

Cons:Sears service
Food disposal system

The Bottom Line: This dishwasher is a decent choice. It looks nice and cleans well. Sears service is too expensive, and I have not had good results.

The first year I had my dishwasher, it worked flawlessly. After a year, it started leaving little food particles on the top of the glasses on the top rack. I was under the Sears service policy, so I called them in and explained the problem. The guy looked at it for awhile and said there was no problem and left.
I googled the problem, found a site that showed how to clean the filter and check the food disposal screen in front of the pump. I cleaned it up myself and it now works fine.
About 5 years after purchase, the food disposal bit broke and I had it replaced by an independent service guy. The "food disposal" system is very delicate. I truly could not believe that they could even call it that. It is a little steel propeller, a steel screen, and a plastic gear that looks like a toy. I always wash the food off before I place the plates in the dishwasher and I am glad now that I do. I don't see how the food disposal lasted as long as it did.
Another word about the food particles. Since the filter was partially obstructed, the water flow was not strong enough to open the lid to the soap tablet reliably. Also, little food particles are now stuck in the tubing, and the tubing must now be replaced (or removed and cleaned) when I have some more time.

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