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powder vs. liquid....
by jennennyfur
I've noticed a slight difference with the powder detergent when it's used in the cold cycle, however how much were you using? Just wondering, because the first time we used ours, I used the same amount that I used in our conventional top loader. There was powder residue everywhere! It went unbalanced, and I was a little aggrevated. I called for service, and the repairman re-leveled the unit for me, free of charge, explaining that after the first cycle, it is normal for ANY washer to go off level, because they're not used to the 1050 RMP (or 56 MPH) spin speeds. (wow, just think of the front loaders; 1300 rmps, or 78 mph!) He also reminded me to read the directions on the back of the detergent box, that because it uses less water, it also uses much less detergent. The HE detergent is really strong, allowing you to use much much less of it!
Oct 4, 2006
1:10 pm PDT

Re: Try READING the User Guide and Instructions
by ufpmd
Hey Bonehead: I followed instructions EXACTLY as in the manual and as the Sears Repair Service told me to. When the repair person came out to check for the UL (Un-Level) code, he told me personally that this washer is a piece of junk and you should stay away from it. I did not do anything concerning leveling. It was installed by Sears, and then checked by Sears. I don't do manual labor (levelling). I leave that up to people I purchase things from. Obviously this one is JUNK, and you are an idiot for your dumb suggestions. Get a life!!!!
Jul 3, 2006
1:57 pm PDT

Try READING the User Guide and Instructions
by j371955
This isn't your grandma's washing machine. The instructions clearly state you MUST use HE Detergent AND you MUST use the dispensers. Otherwise stay away from ALL HE washing machines.

No unbalanced loads here! Did you level the Washer as instructed?
Jul 2, 2006
6:39 am PDT

Re: Try Tide HE liquid instead
by ufpmd
I did and you are correct. That worked. But when you spend almost $900 on a washer, you EXPECT it to work on either powder or liquid. Glad you haven't had balancing problems with yours. The serviceman said due to the washer being on 4 springs, unbalanced loads are common with this washer. I will not have it !!!!! And do not recommend it.
May 25, 2006
9:17 am PDT

Try Tide HE liquid instead
by christystockda
I use Tide HE liquid, which is what is recommended, and have never had a problem. I have also experienced no balance problem with my washer. I have washed many large loads, including bedding with no problem.
May 24, 2006
10:17 am PDT