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Pros:Cleans our dishes quietly yet effectively; attractive in appearance.

Cons:Long wash cycle.

The Bottom Line: Those looking for a good, mid-priced dishwasher made by a brand you can trust should look no further than the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher 15762.

Last year in March 2001, we moved into our new home and left our old Kenmore dishwasher behind in our old house. What we had after the move was an older Maytag that worked just fine. And with this company's reputation, I figured this dishwasher would last for many years to come. But almost a year later in February 2002, our Maytag dishwasher just stopped working altogether one day. Since our home is now 15 years old, we decided that the dishwasher was as old as the house, so instead of getting the Maytag fixed, we opted to just buy a new dishwasher altogether. And since I loved our old Kenmore, we settled on this mid-priced Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher 15762 (on sale for $399 plus an extra $20 to get it in white as it matched our new Kenmore refrigerator already present in our kitchen). Only once we hooked our new dishwasher up, it wouldn't work either!! Turns out we had some electrical problems and the Maytag was still in good working order. But once we finally had our new Kenmore dishwasher installed, I was NOT returning it to our local Sears store! So it looks like I got a new dishwasher out of the whole ordeal :-)

~~~The Dishwasher~~~

The Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher 15762 is white (which is, surprising to me, NOT the standard color for dishwashers---black is) and fits neatly under our kitchen counter. This built-in model is 24 inches wide and features 5 automatic cycles with 4 cycle options. My husband performed the installation himself to save on service fees as he has experience with this type of thing. Once he finally figured out the problem we had with our power source as described above, we were all set to go! Of course, there are the standard top and bottom racks coated in nylon to protect dishes and to prevent rust stains from occurring over time. The top rack is a bit slanted, so larger items can go to one side and drain better (UltraSpace™ Towerless Design for more loading freedom, which consists of two sprayers instead of one, located on the bottom of each rack). And the bottom rack contains the large sized silverware basket, which may be removed and replaced easily as desired. On the inside of the door is the double detergent dispensers (one for the pre-wash and one for the regular wash cycle), as well as a slot to place any optional rinse aid, if needed. With my family of five, this Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher 15762 is of adequate size as it easily holds all the dishes, cookware, and silverware we use on a daily basis. So we often run it once a day even though sometimes we can go two days before it is full of dirty dishes.

~~~Cycles & Options~~~

All it takes are a few quick presses of the "touch-pad" buttons lined up horizontally across the front of this Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher 15762, and it's all set to go. Cycles to choose from include a pots & pans feature which easily cleans baked on foods as well as a water miser option, which uses less water during washing and rinsing. Other cycles include a china/gentle option, as well as a quick rinse and normal selections, too. To help eliminate bacteria, choose the Sani Rinse option, which rinses the dishes at a very high temperature. You may also pick a high temperature scrub for even cleaner dishes and an air dry option if you don't need your dishes right away and want to save a bit on energy costs. The delay start option lets you start the dishwasher at your convenience (up to 2, 4, or 6 hours into the future), and the cancel/drain button can be pushed mid-cycle to stop the dishwasher if needed. The Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher 15762 contains an enhanced sound reduction package for quieter cleaning, and according to advertising, the Ultra Wash® System delivers America's Cleanest Dishes.

~~~Our Experience~~~

We've owned our Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher 15762 almost a year now, and have had no problems whatsoever with almost daily use. This model IS very quiet as advertised, but the entire wash cycle is VERY long....something like 90 minutes or so from start to finish. I like how the washing, heating, and drying icons light up in red so that you'll know how far along your dishes are in the wash cycle. Then once the Sensor ATC decides the dishes are clean and dry, the sanitized and clean icons light up in green to let you know the cycle is complete. Don't tell anyone as it took me several months to figure this out by accident (so much for reading the enclosed owner's manual!), but once you have your usual settings selected, all you have to do is press start the next time and the dishwasher will automatically remember the previous settings. My dishes always come out clean, even dried-on eggs or oatmeal, so there's little need to hand wash anything before placing it inside the dishwasher to be cleaned. I do wash many of my coated cookware by hand, however, but other than that, pretty much anything else goes into our Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher 15762. And even though I rarely use a separate rinse-aid, my dishes come out virtually spot free as well.

~~~Overall Recommendation~~~

The Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher 15762 is the second Kenmore brand model we've owned to date, and from our experience, I'd purchase another one tomorrow if circumstances required. It simply performs well as advertised and my dished come out clean and sanitized every time. The price was reasonable, and we easily afforded the payments on our Sears charge card because we received free interest for 4 months when our dishwasher was purchased. Loading is easy, and the attractive controls are self explanatory and not complicated at all. Now if only it could unload itself, too, I'd be one happy woman! But until then, I'm extremely pleased with my Kenmore Ultra Dishwasher 15762 and expect many more years of reliable service from this model. For with my family of five, the last thing I want to be doing is lots of dishes by hand every day! Thanks, once again, Kenmore for this high quality household product :-)

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Sears Item #02215762000
Mfr. Model #15762

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

At Sears, we service what we sell. Protection agreements are available for this item starting at $99.99 per 3YR In-Home Master Protection Agreement.

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