Keurig Platinum K70 1 Cups Brewing System - Black/Silver Reviews

Keurig Platinum K70 1 Cups Brewing System - Black/Silver

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I LOVE quick, hot, single cups of coffee!

Nov 16, 2012
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Pros:quick, easy, beautiful, hot, 5 sizes, can use travel mugs, reusable options, tea, good coffee

Cons:price, unit size, k-cups price, accessory prices, set brew strength, can get clogged

The Bottom Line: It's a great machine if you get it on sale, If it died in 2 years I would replace it with the same one.

First off I will admit I tend to be a more casual coffee drinker... 1-2 12oz cups a day.  I haven't owned a coffee maker in years because I would often let 1/2 a pot go to waste and unlike my dad I won't reheat it in the microwave! lol.  I have avoided the Keurig hype for 2 or 3 years, mainly because I am too cheap to have to buy the k-cups!  When my friend showed me that you can get the reusable filter I decided to keep an eye out for a deal on one near Black Friday.  While in Oct. the perfect sale storm came about & with Ebates cash back, my 30% off Kohl's charge coupon, a mail in rebate from Keurig and Kohl's cash I was able to get this unit AND the reusable cup unit from Keurig for $65ish when I was all said & done????  I doubt it will get that low ever again but if you can get it for $125ish it is totally worth it!  I have had it for 6 weeks now & been using it 2-3 times daily and I am simply in love.  I have used some k-cups I got on sale as well as the reusable cups.  

Before I made my purchase I did read up about some of the issues people have... the most common is the unit stop dispensing water... my understanding is that it is commonly caused by things like lemonade, hot chocolate & cider gumming up/blocking the needle.  To try and prevent this I remove the k-cup after I make a cup of cider and run plain water into an empty cup & dump it.  Coffee grounds can also get stuck but I have heard Keurig has great customer service & it is easy to get that unit replaced.  AND you can use the Keurig reusable until and that should prevent that issue because it does not have a needle!

It is very simple to use and I LOVE the 5 size options on this unit!  My coffee is hot, it is quick & my unit came with the newer 72oz water tank which has been awesome.  I love that I can get my Starbucks travel mugs under the unit as well.   It is also nice that you can get tea cups for it as well as hot chocolate & cider.  I love the single serve aspect because you don't have your coffee sitting on a burner to burn.  It is also a very beautiful machine and the LED lighting is a nice added touch unlike the units I have had in the past that I want to hide in the cupboard.  The manual, though not huge, covered all the basics & has pictures.  The Digital display screen is nice, it has a clock and allows you to set the machine to turn on & off at certian times of day as well as set it to remember your favorite cup size or adjust the brew temp by about 10 degrees.

My almost 8yr old can also use it on his own (only because he knows NOT to drink it right away, it is extremely hot at about 191 degrees when it is made)

I personally would not pay full price, partially because I am cheap & like to sale shop.  That being said the unit is also rather large & you have to buy additional accessories in order to use other coffee.  The K-cups, while cheaper then coffee shop coffee are pretty pricey as well.  It is also a rather inconvenient that to use the Keurig brand reusable filter you have to swap out the k-cup unit.  You can get other reusable cups though that go right into the dispenser.

That being said those are all pretty minor for me, the biggest con is that you can't adjust the strength of your coffee!  A full k-cup (or filled reusable cup) holds enough coffee to make a 6oz-8oz cup depending how you like it... so you can make it weaker by using the 10 or 12oz option... but making the 4oz doesn't make it any stronger.  I did consider the vue model for this reason, but honestly it doesn't seem to have great reviews about that particular feature so I saved myself some money.  For me this was not a deal breaker as I don't like strong coffee, but from a review aspect it is something I felt I needed to mention.

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