Keurig Elite B40 1 Cups Brewing System Reviews

Keurig Elite B40 1 Cups Brewing System

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Feb 22, 2012
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Pros:sleek look
fast and easy to use 
great coffee

Cons:coffee can cost a lot if you are a big coffee drinker

The Bottom Line: The Keurig Elite brewer makes a great tasting cup of coffee.  Highly recommend 

Before 2010 I, like many people had never heard of a Keurig.  At that time I took a part time job at a department store.  It was Christmas time and we need some extra money, and the discount.   When we first got the Keurig’s in, I thought, “what a waste.  So much money for a coffee maker and then I have to buy special coffee.  Forget it! I will keep my coffee pot”  
As the holiday season went on, the Keurig’s started flying out the door.  Then we got a kit from Keurig to let customers sample the coffee.  This was my turning point!   My first thought was that it must be instant coffee.  To my delight I was wrong.  We took a training class on how to use the Keurig elite and talking points on selling one.  We were also able to sample some coffee.  To my utter delight the coffee was amazing!

So let’s talk about the coffee maker.    The maker itself is tall and modern looking.  It has a 40oz water reservoir, the actual brewer and a drip pan.  It is about as tall as a normal coffee pot and about as wide.  The elite is non programmable but there are a few lights and buttons on the top of the machine.  The first light is, Add Water.  This tells you when the reservoir is empty.  The next light is De-Scale, this was new to me but in reading the book that came with my Keurig that is just fancy talk for the pot needs cleaning.  The next light is heating.  That one lets you know that the water is still not warm enough to brew the coffee.  Next there is an Auto Off button.  If you press this the machine will turn off in 2 hours.  The next button is the power button.   Underneath all of that is the cup size buttons.  The Keurig elite offers a 6oz and an 8oz setting.
Setup :
When you get your Keurig Elite home you need to A) plug it in B)fill with water. C)Turn on and let water warm up. D) brew one cup without a k-cup to clean your machine.  You are now ready to go. 
To Brew:
To brew yourself a cup of coffee all you do is place a coffee cup on the drip pan.  There is a large lever on the front of the machine.  Lift the leaver,  put the k-cup in the slot. Push the lever down and press the brew button on the cup size you want.   What is a K-cup you ask?  A K-cup is a plastic cup about the size of a votive candle.  It has foil on the top.  Inside is where the magic is.  The top part of the K-cup is where the coffee is.  If you open a K-Cup(which you do not want to do if you plan on using it) you will see about a teaspoon of very fine coffee.  The reason the coffee is so fine, is much like espresso, the Keurig brews the coffee so fast that you want the grounds very fine so it can pick up the most flavor.  Under the grounds is a special filter for the coffee.  When you lift up the leaver, if you look at the top and bottom of the opening you will see to pin like metal objects that are hollow.  Those needles prick a hole in the top and the bottom of the K-cup and push the hot water through.
Now I know a few people that have The Keurig and leave theirs on all the time.  I turn mine off at night.  When I wake up in the morning I turn it on and it take about 2 minutes to heat the water then 30 seconds to brew a cup.  I love it!  Fast and simple and yummy!

Cleaning your Keurig Elite B40:
The machine itself is so easy to clean.  Every once in awhile I take the reservoir off and hand wash it. It is top rack dishwasher safe, but the only dishwasher I have is named Goldentoe!  The K-Cup holder does need cleaning more regularly as it can get mucked up with grounds.  To do that you simply lift up the lever and there are arrows showing you what way to twist to get it off.  Be careful of the needles!  Once off I just fill a plastic container with water and a little vinegar and put a lid on it and shake it up.  Then rinse it with water.   If your De-Scale light ever lights up all you do is fill the reservoir with white vinegar , and run the vinegar through until it is empty.  You will then want to run 2 full reservoirs full of water through to lose the vinegar taste!   I have had my machine for over a year and have only had to do that recently.

K-Cups are available from a number of department stores and most grocery stores.  K-Cup boxes range in size of 12 cups to 36 cups per box at a price of $7.50 - $35 per box.  Doing the math it cost about a dollar per cup of coffee.  There are hundreds of variety’s and flavors.  Starbuck makes a house blend, Sumatra , French Roast and a Blond Roast.  Tully’s makes many regular and flavored varieties.  Caribou Coffee also makes K-Cups along with Green Mountain, Van Houtte, Newmans Own Organic and way too many more to mention!  There are also varieties of teas and hot chocolates.
The only bad experience I had with my Keurig is when I put hot water into the reservoir thinking that it would speed up the heating time.  It did not work.  It actually made all the lights flash and would not brew.  When I went to the Keurig website to trouble shoot.  It specifically said not to use hot water

All and all I highly recommend the machine to all coffee lovers out there!

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