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Keurig K-Cup Carousel - Easily Browse Through Your K-Cup Selection

Apr 1, 2012 (Updated Jun 7, 2012)
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Pros:rotates smoothly, looks nice, doesn't fall over easily, holds 27 K-cups

Cons:price may put-off some

The Bottom Line: I have no complaints about the Keurig K-Cup Carousel. Even with cats roaming the counters they haven't been able to knock this over.

With my new Keurig brewer, I needed a new way to store my K-Cups.  I knew just leaving them in the boxes would result in them being knocked all over our pantry, so I chose a plastic carrying case for storing the bulk of the K-Cups.  On the counter next to my Keurig brewer, however, I have a Keurig K-Cup Carousel.

The principal of the Keurig K-Cup Carousel is quite simple.  It has three rows of nine circles, each of which are the size and shape to hold one K-cup.  It spins on a center axis, allowing us to browse through the variety of flavors we fill the carousel with.  Mom is usually the one who fills the carousel once I see it getting a bit empty.

The Keurig K-Cup Carousel is heavy enough that it doesn’t get knocked over easily.  That’s important with four cats around who like to jump up on counters and often think they will fit someplace that they end up knocking stuff off.  In the six months we’ve had the Keurig K-Cup Carousel, it hasn’t been knocked off once.  I’m impressed.  There’s also rubber on the bottom of the carousel, making it grip the counter-top just enough that it won’t slide easily.  The spinning is easy as well.  It’s not so loose that you can spin it wildly, but it moves easily when turned.

The Keurig K-Cup Carousel sits a bit lower than the actual brewer, making it perfect to fit in or near the same spot I chose for the brewer.  I like the stainless steel surface as it makes for easy clean-up if necessary without showing fingerprints from handling.  We do handle it quite a bit in our house.  It also looks nice on the counter and makes for an attractive accompaniment to the brewer itself.  You never know when a particular flavor of coffee might spark conversation or interest from a visitor!

There are cheaper versions of this Keurig K-Cup Carousel around from various discount stores.  I’m very happy with the original version since it’s sturdy and looks good.  I’d be worried about buying a knock-off and ending up spending the money on this later anyway.  For the $20 I spent, it makes a great way to keep all the flavors we’re currently circulating out where they are handy to use.

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