Keurig Special Edition B60 1 Cups Brewing System - Black/Chrome Reviews

Keurig Special Edition B60 1 Cups Brewing System - Black/Chrome

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Feb 17, 2007 (Updated May 28, 2009)
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Pros:No muss, no fuss, no waste, no wait. The Keurig B60 is simply GREAT!

Cons:It's true. K-cups can be a bit expensive and the brewer too.

The Bottom Line: Fresh, great tasting, single serve, hot beverages just seconds away with splendid ease and quick clean up? Get it. A little luxury is a necessity.


The Keurig Special Edition B60 (also known as Keurig B60) is a 1500 watt, 120 volt, single cup coffee brewing system with the following features:

48 ounce removable water reservoir

3 brewing sizes: 5.25,7.25, or 9.25 oz

Removable drip tray

Programmable, blue-backlit LCD with 24 hour
digital clock and on/off timer

Temperature selection 187 to 192 degree Fahrenheit

Uses patented Kcups (sealed plastic cups of gourmet
coffee or tea)

Dispenses beverage in less than minute

This black and chrome machine stands at 13 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 13.25 deep. It weighs about 15 pounds when full.

Operational Instructions: Open the lid, insert K-cup, close lid, and select brewing size. Allow unit to fully dispense hot beverage in way under 60 seconds then open lid, remove K-cup, and throw cup away.



Story behind feelings:

Hubby had the industrial version of the Keurig at work. For months I listened patiently to his ongoing praises of the apparatus and the delicious coffees it produced. He performed entire soliloquies on the virtues of the amazing Keurig. (This was truly an all inspiring feat as he usually has to have thoughts and feelings carefully coaxed out of him.) This much animation over a coffee maker made me realize that it must be one heck of an appliance or my darling really needs more excitement in his life.

On a chance visit to his employment, I was pleased to find out it was the former. It really made a tasty cup of Joe and I’m not a true coffee drinker – or wasn’t then. So we decided to start checking out the Keurig’s home versions. We researched, viewed displays, and bided our time, and thus we were amply rewarded.

The Bed, Bath, and Beyond store agreed to match a deal in the Linen – n – Things’ flier on the Keurig Special Edition B60. They offered the machine, a My K-cup filter, an 18 K-cup box of various coffees and teas, and a box of Ghirardelli hot cocoa all for
$150 before the 20% discount! (Both our local BBB and LNT have 20% off an item coupons. They accept them from either store, as many as you have as long as it equals the total items that you are purchasing, and with no adhering to the expatriation date. Love it.) So I secretly purchased it and happily returned home with the $120 surprise gift.

It was love at first cup.

Hubby was ecstatic with the unexpected present. And we were both delighted with the simple set up and ultra easy use of the Keurig B60. The ultimate clincher was the great tasting coffees.

As I said, I wasn’t much of a java drinker. Sad to admit, when we made a pot of coffee we usually ended up throwing 75% of it away. Now there isn’t a drop wasted. I’m thrilled with our Keurig and the coffees it brews.

Yes, the K-cups can be costly. However, when compared to the amount of money we were wasting by tossing most of our no where as good tasting coffee away, it’s okay. Besides, with the deals you can find on Amazon and other online stores, the cost per serving has been as little as $.30 for us though the average is typically about 50 cents. I figure we’re worth it and for the added convenience it is definitely worth it.

There are boat loads of assorted K-cups. We enjoy both flavored and non-flavored coffee as well as herbal teas. Our most favorites:

Flavored coffee - Timothy’s German Chocolate Cake
Regular coffee – Green Mountain National Wildlife Blend
Herbal Tea – Timothy’s Peppermint Tea

There are variety boxes of coffees and teas available to try and we have bought single cups on EBay as well. Also, the My K-cup is a special filter that allows you to use your own ground coffee. Hot cocoa and regular tea bags are options to consider.

Other thoughts:

Ease of use is almost laughably effortless. We keep our Keurig plugged in continuously so there is no prep time involved and hot water is always readily available. Clean up is an absolute breeze. Simply toss the K-cup away and every so often wash out the removable drip tray as needed. How difficult is that?

It’s a luxury having a fresh cup or second (or even sometimes third) of piping hot, delectable coffee merely a moment away. The Keurig B60 is a blessing for entertaining. Everyone gets the warm beverage they want when they want. Plus they can have it at their desired brewing strength. How great is that?

In summary:

I confess I love the darned thing much more than I ever thought I would. The Keurig was more impressive than the Senseo and Tassimo. It is super easy to use and clean.

There’s no muss, no fuss, no waste, no wait… the Keurig B60 is simply GREAT!


Keurig's at home coffee brewers are The Elite B40, Ultra B50, Special Edition B60, and Platinum B70. Often they are simply referred to as Keurig B40, B50, B60 and B70. This might create some confusion.

Oh, one other thing, we have had our Keurig for over 6 months now and it is still going strong - just like my recently acquired flavored coffee and creamer addiction.


Five months after I first wrote this review and the love is even stronger! The Keurig is fantastic. This is one of those purchases that we are so glad we splurged on. Hubby and I use this machine every day. If this one ever dies (and I pray it won't be anytime soon) then we'll get the next model B70 or whatever is out by then.

We are in love - and addicted-- with our Keurig!


May 28, 2009 -- Our Keurig is still working well and is being used every day.

I'm amazed by how many stores now carry the machine and the K-cups! A couple of hubby's coworkers got a fantastic deal on the coffee maker and k-cups at Costco this past Christmas. Now it seems every time we are at the warehouse there's another happy schmuck getting in on the same wonderful sale.

We continue to be very pleased with our purchase. I have stopped buying the k-cup cocoa and teas though. Too expensive. Amazon, Coffeewhiz, and Big Cat coffees remain our favorite web sites for purchasing k-cup coffees.

Now if the k-cup manufactures could just find a way to make those darn things biodegradable, I would be a most happy camper!

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