Keurig Special Edition B60 1 Cups Brewing System - Black/Chrome Reviews

Keurig Special Edition B60 1 Cups Brewing System - Black/Chrome

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Special Edition B60 Keurig Brewer (Single Brew System)

Feb 19, 2013
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Pros:sleek design, easy to use, performs nicely

Cons:cost of K-cups but that can easily remedied

The Bottom Line: I am so impressed with the Keurig, if mine broke down today it would be replaced with another today!  I highly recommend it.

My husband and I were gifted with a single brew coffee system that used coffee pods.  When that system began to leak combined with the difficulty in finding the propriety coffee pods, I made the decision to buy a Keurig.  My decision was influenced by the Keurig reputation, variety of available K-cups and the availability of a re-usable filter system to use whatever coffee you want.

I bought the Special Edition B60 Keurig Brewer  on sale for $149.99 along with a box of K-cups ($12.99) and a My K-cup reusable filter system ($14.99) in May of 2011.  This brewer has a sleek design, black with platimum shoulders (water reservoir lid, housing around controls) and chrome handle and base plate.  The lighted control and indicators are a lovely blue that gives a glow to the water reservoir.  The water reservoir holds 1.5 L (48 oz) of water.  The funnel that holds the K-cups is easily removed for using the My K-cup filter and for cleaning.  The Drip tray and plate sit on the drip tray base.  Both are easily removed for cleaning.  The brewing unit itself is rather large and it is recommended that the brewer be left plugged in at all times.  Filtered water is recommended.  The brewer will brew a small cup (5.25 oz), small mug (7.25 oz) or large mug (9.25 oz) size of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

The Keurig Brewer needs to be primed before using.  The instructions for both priming and programing the Keurig are very easy  to follow.  They are numbered step-by-step complete with pictures.

My Experience:  

I was a bit leary after our experience with the last single brew coffee system but quickly discovered the Keurig is in a class all of itself!  It is easy to use, easy to maintain and clean, and it brews a nice cup of coffee or tea.  Simply pop a K-cup into the K-cup holder assembly, close the handle and press the desired size.  Within a minute, you have a perfectly brewed coffee or tea.  If you want to use your own coffee, remove the K-cup holder assembly and replace with the My K-cup filter system then brew as normal.  Of note, there are other reusable filter systems besides the My K-cup that work with the Keurig as well.  

Pros:  Aside from the ease of use, the Keurig delivers!  It cuts down on coffee waste as there's no half pot of coffee left-over.  Not only that if my husband wants a regular, unflavoured coffee and I want a flavoured, both can be brewed in less than 5 minutes.  If you do a lot of entertaining as we do, this is a must have appliance.  The beauty of the Keurig is you are not confined to using the K-cups so even if the K-cups are not longer made, the brewer will still work with the various reusable filter systems available.

Cons:  One of the biggest complaints with the Keurig is the cost of K-cups which range in price from 35 cents to 80 cents depending on where you buy them but in perspective coffee shop coffee costs about $1.25 per cup for a small so there is a savings using K-cups rather than going to a coffee shop.  However, the real savings comes in when using the specialty, gourmet K-cups compared to the $3 or more price tag of gourmet coffee shop coffee.  Plus, you don't have to get dressed or go out in the cold to enjoy your favourite gourmet coffee.  However, if you use the My K-cup filter system the price per cup goes down to 8 cents or less.

One con many don't mention is the K-cups are not very eco-friendly.  The lid can be removed then dump the contents and filter into the compost bin but the lid and plastic cup usually can't be recycled.  The plastic cup can be reused to start seeds or in crafting projects but if you use a lot of them, they will end up in the landfill.
Tips:  Don't waste your money on the tea K-cups.  Get a My K-cup filtering system then use either loose tea or tea bags at a cost per cup of about 2 cents compared to the high costs of the K-cups.  Herbal teas can be used as well.  If you buy a My K-cup, get a couple extra of the reusable baskets just for convenience especially when entertaining.  Don't waste your money on the hot chocolate K-cups.  Just put hot chocolate mix into the mug then run the brewer without a K-cup for hot water.

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