Kicker Solo-Baric L7 S8L7 2001 1-Way 9.5" x 9.5" Car Subwoofer Reviews
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Kicker Solo-Baric L7 S8L7 2001 1-Way 9.5" x 9.5" Car Subwoofer

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The little square woofer that could... hit hard!

Mar 16, 2007
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Pros:Excellent sound quality, interesting design, efficient

Cons:Somewhat expensive

The Bottom Line: Great speaker looking for quality power that is both efficient and clear. Excellent speaker for the audio enthusiast.

I have been a HUGE car audio fanatic for the last ten years. Ever since I was capable of driving, I have had a desire to blast my speakers at levels that weren’t fit for anyone’s ears. This has led to thousands of dollars in purchases, countless maxed out credit cards, and eventually led to a huge interest in the car customization business in general.

Over the last ten years, I have done countless installs on my own vehicles, my friends’ vehicles, and customer vehicles after I started up my own customization business in 2000, which eventually would be put out of business, by the economy crushing September 11th. Porous

Since the time September 11th, I have still maintained a great deal of side business, including work done for a local shop on a need basis. I now perform the majority of my installations as more of a hobbyist than for income. This affords me the opportunity to try out the latest equipment and improve the car customization scene within the state of Alaska.

Kicker Solo-Baric S8L7 Subwoofer
I have said it in previous reviews, and I'll say it again, KICKER MAKES AWESOME PRODUCTS. One of my favorite of their product lines is the Solo Baric series of subwoofers. These subwoofers are a lot different than most speakers on the market, because they have a totally different design. Rather than the standard circular subwoofer that most other manufacturers have used for years, the Solo Baric series uses a square design. The square design, while untraditional has one huge benefit... it has 20% more surface area than a circular design of a similar size. This means that the Solo Baric's are much more efficient in their ability to create sound. They also have a much broader range of bass that they are capable of producing than many of the competing subwoofers in the same class.

The thing I like about these subs is that since I create my own boxes, creating a square hole is substantially easier than attempting to cut a perfect circle in a box. I can create much more efficient boxes with this type of design than I ever could with a circular speaker. This means better overall sound quality as well.

Sound Quality
Thanks to the square shape, these subs are capable of producing an incredible range of bass. They can hit the lows, while still producing in the mid-range simultaneously. The square shape also seems to create a lessened load on the speaker itself, allowing it to respond much faster than other speakers in the same class. This means that rather than slurring through multiple rapid bass beats, the square speaker is capable of responding to each hit quickly and effectively with little or not distortion. This is generally unheard of for super fast bass, unless you have mid and low bass setups that can specialize in different areas of bass. This series really seems to do both at the same time.

The nice thing about this speaker is its' small size at just 8". This gives those with little space to work with a great opportunity to have awesome bass in their vehicle, without sacrificing all of their available space. The small size also allows for a more quality sound for the average user. Most average drivers aren't looking for pure hard hitting bass that is unbearably loud. Most consumers are looking for a speaker that can substantially improve the overall sound quality within their vehicle, and be able to handle high louds if they decide they want to crank it up a notch. I don't think consumers really want to ever hit the max on their speakers. I think most really want to know that they can go as loud as they want and still have a lot further they could still go. These speakers allow such a large range that they are capable of carrying that much strain, while producing excellent quality sound at the same time.

The speakers aren't that incredible looking, but the square designs will definitely have people unfamiliar with car speakers asking questions. They have an attractive rubber face, with the Kicker Solo Baric logo imprinted on the face of the sub. Personally, I find their design to be simple, yet attractive. They don't have any gaudy features and really compliment any vehicle that they are installed in.

I have found in the past that the square design of the speakers really seems to add to their overall strength. I have tested these speakers out numerous times at sound competitions and even pushing them to their limits for hours at a time, doesn't seem to really affect them all that much. In sound competitions, competitors are constantly blowing out speakers trying to gain the edge, but no matter how hard I tied, no matter how much I overpowered them, they never blew and would still operate until I got new speakers over a year later. They really do perform under stressful environments, including competitions in extreme temperatures, which would cause many other competitor speakers to fail horribly.

Suggested Sound Improvements
I have a real issue with metal touching wood. Just the thought of it screams with distortion. However, everyone is doing it this way. Why? I couldn't tell you, because there is an easy solution that will make the sound quality substantially better, and it doesn't cost much money either. What I recommend for these speakers and any other one that comes already enclosed is to unscrew the sub from the box, and take rubber tubing, run it around the edge of the sub, and screw the sub back into place. What this does is create a soft barrier between the sub and the box, preventing that minimal distortion. It will give you a much more quality sound and will cost you about $2 to do. It is definitely the best improvement you can make to any box.

The next step that I take is to spray the inside of the box with silicone. Why? Well, fiberboard, is a rather porous box type. Because of this, distortion to some degree is inevitable. By creating a protective layer between the bass and the board, you are able to eliminate some of the shock distortion. You could also use foam, but this deadens your sound somewhat and makes it somewhat muffled. I always suggest the silicone spray. It's a really fine spray, throw on a few layers, and it will give you a little more crispness to your sound.

Finally, if you don't have a port to your box, then my biggest recommendation is to create a small port. A port is essentially just a hole in the box, that allows for better airflow. I generally cut two small holes, as opposed to the single large hole that many shops use. My reasoning behind this, is that if you create two holes, on opposite sides of the box, it creates a similar air flow to that of a HI-C can. With only one hole, the HI-C doesn't pour all that easy, but with a second hole on the opposite side of the can, suddenly it pours out substantially better. Why use one hole if two can force air through better? Now, keep in mind, these two holes have to be relatively small, both only about 1-2" in diameter. If you create them much larger than that, you are defeating the purpose of uses the box to boost the sound. Also, do not port directly out the back of the box, port out the sides. This will create more boom for your buck. Also, make sure that you spray silicone around the edges of the ports so that the sound quality retains its’ crispness. You could also throw rubber around the edge, which creates a higher quality sound, just ensure the rubber has no gaps in it or you could create a slight flapping sound as the rubber moves.

Product Details
Size 8 -inch
Impedance 2 ohms
Cone Material Copolymer
Surround Material Santoprene rubber
Sealed Box Volume (cubic feet) 0.33 - 0.75
Ported Box Volume (cubic feet) 0.66 - 1
Port diameter (inches) N/A
Port length (inches) N/A
Free-Air No
Dual Voice Coil Yes
Sensitivity 85.1dB
Frequency Response 28 - 0.1k Hz
RMS Power Range (Watts) 75-450
Peak Power Handling (Watts) 900
Top Mount Depth (inches) 4 7/16
Bottom Mount Depth (inches) 5 3/8
Cutout Diameter or Length (inches) 7 5/8
Vas (liters) 15.78
Fs (Hz) 41.8
Qts 0.538
Xmax (millimeters) 10.478
Parts Warranty 1 YEAR
Labor Warranty 1 YEAR

Final Recommendation
This speaker is not for the audio enthusiast. This particular speaker is meant more for the newbie to the hobby that wants something that hits hard without the cost. These speakers hit quite nice but aren't powerful enough to really do anything more with them than the standard casual enjoyment of your sound system.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 120.00

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