Kinetic KA-4210 Home Theater System

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Kinetic KA-8100 Speakers are "White Van Scam" speakers.

Oct 29, 2012 (Updated Oct 29, 2012)
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Pros:Might make good fire wood but that's about all.

Cons:All of the above. Do not buy under anycircumstance.

The Bottom Line: Avoid buying Kinetic Home Theater Speakers under any conditions for any price.

Kinetic brand home theater speakers are one of the brands known collectively as "White Van Scam" speakers.
Prior to buying home theater surround sound speakers or projector systems on Craigslist, eBay, or from vans/SUV's in random parking lots, check this list of "White Van Scam" brands first.

None are worth anywhere near the ridiculous MSRP listed on the boxes. Most are worth nothing regardless of what sellers say about them. Most consider more than $40 to be over paying.

Acoustic Response
Affinity (aka Afinity)
Denmark Audio
Denmark Optics
Digital Galaxy
Digital Research
Genesis Media Labs
i-Cinema ( aka i Cinema, l Cinema, icinema, lcinema etc)
Image Reference
Image Matrix
Ipifiny aka i-pif-e-ne
Linear Phase
Martin Ash
Morelli Projectors
Nexis Audio
Olin Ross
Omni Audio
Palladium Projector
Paradyme (note the spelling)
RolkOlsen aka Rolk Olsen
Theater Innovations 
Theater Logic
Theater Research
Volare Projector
Wahldorf Home Theater

Search the Internet for "White Van Scam" and check YouTube. You'll find hundreds of reviews and stories from victims of the scam in the US and other countries. Also TV news reports detailing every aspect of the scam and technical details from an engineering standpoint detailing the possible dangers associated with these types of speakers including fried amps and possible fire hazards.

At any price, including free, most people consider "White Van Scam Speakers" a ripoff. Some Van Scam brands do look impressive but they are widely considered cheap toy-quality junk. 

They are typically purchased by importers from overseas manufactures for $35 to $65 per set for the sole purpose of being sold from the backs of vans & SUV's in random parking lots by loud fast talking con men, and now on Craigslist and eBay. These dishonest people make a lot of money by convincing their victims they are buying $1500 to $6000 systems for (usually) $350 but sometimes a lot more.

Almost all of the scam brands are made by the same overseas manufacturer. They arrive in the US and other countries with fictional specifications printed on the box as well as an absurdly high MSRP label suggesting the speakers are worth thousands of dollars. Every aspect of the packaging is geared towards the perpetration of the scam.

The official websites associated with these brands are fake and easy to spot. They never give a working phone number or a physical address of the company. They don't give any options to purchase their speakers at the site or even give any info about who to contact to buy them. There are never phone numbers for product support and no direct contact option of any kind. There will always be an email address that, if used, will likely get your email address on endless spam lists.

These systems are known for faulty wiring, missing critical circuitry (cheap or non-existent crossovers), ridiculously cheap speakers components, sometimes dangerously low & unstable impedance values, and the cheapest quality speaker cabinets that are so badly made that even switching out the cheap speakers for higher quality components will only put you further in the hole.

White Van Scam speakers listed on CL & eBay are usually posted by scammers or victims of the scam trying to make some of their money back. Sometimes the victims are unaware they got ripped off but most know it and are trying to get some of their money back anyway by passing the scam on to another buyer. This is why almost all ads include the phrases "New, never used" or something similar.

On Craigslist and eBay scammers post ads looking for around $350 & they often include a reason for selling such as "got them as a gift", "already have too many speakers", "roommate left them behind", "need to pay rent", etc.
But sometimes the white van scammers post ads with the full fake MSRP of $2000 to $6000 knowing they won't sell. They do it so they can show the listings to their prospective victims while conducting the scam in order to back up their false claim that the speakers are worth a ton of money.

Other confirmed white van scam speakers listed at CL and eBay and sold out of vans and SUV's in random parking lots (mainly sold in countries other than the US) include:

Accusound (counterfeits not related to Accusound-Australia or the Accusound speakers made by Audiosphere in Canada)
Acoustic Image
Acoustic Lab Technology
Acoustic Monitor 
Acoustic Reference
Acoustic Studio Monitor 
Advanced Sound Technologies
Alumen Projection
Ashton, Ashton Home Theater Systems
Audio Research
Audio Resource
Audio-Tech aka Audio Tech
ProBach and Odin or Bach & Odin
BSS - Brendle Sound Systems (No relation to BSS Audio, part of the Harman Pro Group)
Bernelli Projectors
Bjorn and Wielder
Brendel and Brendel Electronics
BTS System - Innovative Sound and Bass
Camelot Audio
Carlson Audio
Cleo Acoustics
Columbia Audio
Crystal Home Theater (Not related to Crystal Home Audio)
Definitive Sound Technology (no relation to Definitive Technology)
Deutsch Akustik
Digital Audio Skyline
Digital Dogg Audio or Dogg Digital
Digital Galaxy
Digital Pro Audio 
Digital Research
Divinci Sound 
DiVinci Innovative
Dreamland, Dream Land
Dynalab (not to be confused with Dynaudio)
Elite Audio
Elite Digital Sound
Epic Sound
Epic Home Theater System
Epiphany Audio
Fleetwood Audio 
Genesis Media Labs (no relation to Genesis Technologies
Hy-line Sound Electronics
Icon MediaLab
Icon Media Lab Digital Fusion (No relation to LBi Ltd., the registered trademark owners of the Icon MediaLab name)
Image Audio Concepts
Image Reference
Innovative Sound Digital Pro Audio 
Jannsonn & Fynn
Kirsch Prodigy
Linear Acoustik
Linear Phase
Mantooth Audio
Marc Vincent Audio
Matrix Audio
Matrix Audio Concepts 
Millennium Theater Systems (MTS)
Norway Audio
Nuance Speakers
Omni Audio 
Optavision or Optivision
Oracle Projector 
Paradyme (note the spelling) 
Pro Audio 
Pro Dynamics
Proline Acoustic 
Pro-Optics, 3D Optics, 3D Optiks
Protecsound (PTS)
PTS (Precision Transducer Systems)
Skyline Digital
Studio Tech
Surherland Technology (no relation to Sutherland Engineering)
TI-440MR TI~440MR TI-440R TI~440R 
TI-(anything is suspect)
Theater Logic
Theatre Innovations
Theater Research 
US Acoustics 
Volk Audio
Vokl Audio 
Volk Cinema

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