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Venomously Nice

Feb 25, 2008 (Updated Feb 25, 2008)
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Pros:Good Feel, Great Distance, Gap Wedge Included, Top Quality Shafts

Cons:Slightly Pricey

The Bottom Line: If they could bring these babies in for under $1000.00 I'd give them 5 stars no questions asked. An excellent set of "Super Game Improvement" Irons.

Cobra has been in the game improvement business for a long time. They were some of the first to take what was considered a "Game Improvement" series of clubs, and translate it to tour performance. Though they are often viewed as Titleist's poor cousin (both companies are owned by Fortune Brands, as is Pinnacle) they definitely have a flavour all their own. Cobras have been known for forgiveness and distance for a long time. These irons are no exception to that rule. What is the big exception is that Cobra has really started pushing the technology envelope, and these irons reflect that. They are a "Super Game Improvement" club that any mid-capper should enjoy hitting, and should consider before simply ponying up for the next "Game Improvement" set.


Where do I begin? Well let's start w/a polymer top line. It takes a little getting used to at first glance, but it grows on you fairly quickly. It not only saves weight for even more perimeter weighting and forgiveness, but it works in tandem w/the Urethane Back Plate on the cavity to smooth out impact. Despite the initially funky look to these babies, they feel absolutely wonderful. That's not only attributable to the high tech polymer top line, and the Urethane back plate, but the face as well. The face is a special alloy that is composed of nine different materials. Cobra Claims that it is 65% lighter than stainless steel, and 35% lighter than titanium. Guess what? Not only is it hot, but it feels great. Better still, that means more precious grams for perimeter and sole weighting. That adds up to high launch and mega forgiveness.

Now if you save that much weight and re-distribute it correctly, you know what you can do w/those irons? You can hot-rod the lofts like no one else in the industry. Some of these lofts are just downright obscene. Let's take a quick glance:

8I=35* (that was once a six iron's standard loft)
PW= 43*(strongest Pitching Wedge in the industry)
GW= 48.5*
SW= 54*
LW= 59*

As you can see, an 11* differential between Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge makes a Gap Wedge an absolute necessity, and Cobra was wise enough to put a set together that runs 4I-GW as standard. The other thing that comes to mind is that this much perimeter weighting also does something really nice for beginners. It reduces the amount of offset necessary in ordr to make these clubs hit straight with a slower swing. These actually have less offset than the S9 model. (4I= .260 vs .287). This is good for beginners to feel comfortable enough that they learn to address the ball more squarely at address w/out having to worry if they are going to be able to get the club to return to square at impact. ---NICE FEATURE!


Now make no mistake here as far as a precision striking blade--it's not. But for a "Super Game Improvement" club it is as well balanced as some of the high ticket "Game Improvement" irons. The fact that Cobra really went all out in the melding of all these different materials is only outdone by the fact that they did it well enough to be able to reduce the offset, and go to town on the perimeter weighting. They've done it so well, including the heel toe weights, that this club never feels clunky--never! Most "Super Game Improvement" clubs look clunky, feel clunky, shoot clunky, and have huge amounts of offset. These feel and swing superbly. Not only are the materials and craftsmanship there, but they didn't skimp on the shafts at all. Shafts are so important to balance, and they have two of the best that money can buy as options.

The steel shaft offered is the superb Nippon NS 900. These are high dollar shafts that are reknowned for their feel. If you want graphite, you don't have to step down to a cheap carbon stick either. You can choose between Graphite Designs famous YS-55 or YS-60. These are superior graphite shafts in every sense of the word. My preference for a heavier swing weight had me drooling over the YS-55, and believe you me, there was never any doubt as to where that club head was throughout my swing. I knew her location at all times, which allowed for delicate chips and monstrous "Swing for the Fences" type motions w/equal confidence. Any mid-capper would be proud to hit this club.

Overall this is an excellent offering by Cobra. Usually it's their drivers that get my attention, but this is their first set of irons in many years to get me to give it more than just a second look. When they offered their first sets after bringing over the designer from the old Arnold Palmer golf company, and counter weighted the hosels to his specs, they were literally winning on tour w/a game improvement club. I don't expect to see these on tour, but they certainly deserve more than just a cursory glance from the aspiring golfer.

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