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Luxor's King Tut Museum - A decent way to spend an hour

Feb 21, 2008 (Updated Apr 11, 2008)
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Pros:Fairly inexpensive (under Vegas standards), Nice reproductions

Cons:Not very big, No real artifacts

The Bottom Line: If you've got any interest in King Tut or Egyptian history, a stop at Luxor's King Tut Museum is worth it.

Probably one of the cheapest ways to spend an hour, the King Tut Museum in the Luxor Hotel and Casino is an interesting tour through a recreation of King Tut’s Tomb.

While I have seen the museum advertised and walked by the entrance several times on other visits to Las Vegas, I never bought myself a ticket and toured the museum. I don’t know, it just never really grabbed me and I never spent that much time in Luxor anyway.

So it was that on our last trip to Las Vegas we were looking for some non-gambling activities (you really can get gambled out in Las Vegas) and we ended up on the Atrium Level of the Luxor where the King Tut Museum is located. We purchased our tickets and off we went on the museum tour.

Where is the King Tut Museum?

The museum is located on the Atrium Level of the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The Atrium level is accessible via the Mandalay Place Shops and also via escalator and elevator from the Luxor casino floor. There are a number of shops, a food court, a 3D movie ride and the King Tut Museum.

Tickets are purchased at the Luxor Ticket Booth on the Atrium level. It’s $10 for a ticket, which might seem kind of steep, but that’s a bargain in Las Vegas.

The Museum is just down the hall from the ticketing area.

What am I going to learn about?

I think the real name of this museum should be the King Tut Tomb Museum as you’ll learn about the discovery and content of Tut’s Tomb, but you won’t learn that much about the Pharaoh himself.

That said, it’s still an interesting museum, especially if you have any interest in Egyptian history.

As you enter the museum you are handed a headset and a small radio that will guide you through the museum with an audio tour narrated by “Howard Carter,” who discovered King Tut’s Tomb.

First however you can sit and watch a short movie about King Tut’s Tomb. I believe it was taken from an A&E television show. It provides basic information about the discovery and exploration of the tomb.

Once that’s done, you can view several different exhibits of recreated artifacts from the tomb. At first I wasn’t sure if they were recreations or not, but I realized afterwards that everything in the museum is a recreation. That is, everything except for a brick at the beginning of the tour that is from the tomb.

Even though the artifacts are all recreations, they have been made to replicate the original items to the greatest extent possible and give you an idea of what the original artifacts must have been like.

After the self-guided part of the tour in the museum you press the button on your radio and you begin the audio tour portion of your trek through the tomb. Here you make your way past the various recreated rooms of the tomb. Each room has been recreated to match the original (except for the cutaways to allow for windows to let you see into them) and include recreations of all the artifacts that were included in each room.

As “Howard Carter” explains on the audio you learn about how he first found the tombs, what artifacts he discovered, what they meant and also what the hieroglyphics on the walls and the items mean.

Finally you make your way out of the Tomb and you end up in a gift shop.


While nowhere near as exciting as some of the exhibits at the Bellagio’s Museum of Fine Art or the Venetian’s Guggenheim Extension, the King Tut Tomb turned out to be an interesting way to spend about 45 minutes for us.

While I didn’t learn any new basic facts about King Tut or his tomb, it was interesting to see the tomb as it was when it was first discovered. I liked taking in the location of all the artifacts and learning about what each one signified.

My favorite part of the tour was the audio portion as you walked past the various rooms of the tomb. The beginning part of the tour was a good set up and helps for those who don’t have much background knowledge of King Tut and Egypt.

Obviously Howard Carter doesn’t actually narrate the tour, as he had died long before the museum opened.

If you really book it, you can probably take in the whole museum in about half an hour. We meandered a bit at the beginning, watched the video and took our time taking in the tomb on the audio tour (you can pause the audio to take a closer look at something). In total we spent about 45 minutes or so and then another few minutes browsing through the gift shop at the end.

Enjoyable and worth $10?

Considering how much everything in Las Vegas costs, $10 a person to go through this museum isn’t a bad way to spend a few dollars. If it had cost much more I probably would have felt cheated, but at its present price, I think its well worth 45 minutes to an hour of your time. Plus consider how much money you could spend at a slot machine or a table in that time – it would be a lot more.

For people without much interest in Egypt, the tour probably wouldn’t be that exciting, but if you like Egyptian history or just like King Tut, you’ll probably enjoy the tour and you might learn a thing or two about King Tut’s Tomb.

Final Thoughts

While I wouldn’t go again, I’m glad that I finally made a stop at the King Tut Museum. It was a good way to spend some gambling-free time and I learned a thing or two about King Tut’s Tomb in the process.

So if you’ve got any interest in King Tut or Egyptian history in general, a stop at Luxor’s King Tut Museum is well worth it. You can spend somewhere around an hour wandering through his tomb and learning about how he was buried and what was in the tomb.

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