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The king of skin products

Jul 18, 2009
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Pros:smells lovely, leaves skin feeling gorgeous

Cons:expensive as it wears away quickly

The Bottom Line: YUMMY!

I bought a Lush King of Skin bar at the height of my Lush habit, but have only used it in the last few weeks.

I bought the square bar which fits into one of Lush's body butter tins, but in the last edition of the Lush times it showed that the shape is changing, and it will soon be available in a crown shaped bar. Whilst I think that is a great idea, it doesn't look as though it would fit into the Lush tins any more, which I think I would find quite annoying and inconvenient.

I'll be honest, when I bought this, I didn't really understand what it was for! That's how mad my Lush obsession got! I had already bought Buffy and Running to the Embassy, both of which are exfoliators, and I had thought that this was also an exfoliating bar, but when the Lush website was updated recently, they put on a little video clip showing how to use this, and I realised it was actually a skin conditioner, which made me a lot more inclined to fish it out the cupboard and try it!

One of the things that attracted me to this, was that when I had looked at it online - and obviously not read the description on how to use it - I had seen that one of the ingredients was bananas. At that point I already owned Lush's banana moon soap, and loved it, which I think is why I seeked it out in store.

The King of Skin is a greyish white colour flecked with brown and smells lovely. I think the main scent is actually coconut rather than bananas, but it's a lovely fresh, slightly fruity smell, and would be perfect for using in the summer.

To use this you simply rub it across the skin, rinse and go. The problem I have is that you can't really feel the product going transferring onto your skin, so I always end up pressing quite hard, which makes my skin red and sore. If you touch your skin, however, you can normally feel that this has left a greasy film on there.

Rinsing can actually take a couple of minutes as the greasy feeling stays on the skin for quite sometime, and I find it hard to get rid of.

Once out of the bath or shower though, I find that my skin retains the lovely fruity coconut fragrance and also feels very moisturised but not greasy at all, despite how it feels when using it. It does actually feel like I have used a body lotion on my skin, but obviously it's quicker and you have the benefit that you don't have to wait for it to absorb like you do with a lotion.

Unfortunately, I find that the bars do wear down quickly, so I have started only using this on my arms, and not bothering with my legs, because in this weather they don't really get to see the light of day, so it's not too important what they look like!

A King of Skin bar will cost you £4.84 from Lush stores or online at

Overall, I think this is a really good product. It is a great alternative to body lotion if you are in a hurry and it smells great. The main downside is that considering you don't get a huge number of uses from each bar, it could work out expensive to use on a daily basis, but I would definitely recommend it, and I know I will be buying it again.

*also posted on Dooyoo. Prices in GBP

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