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Kingston 2 GB SD Card - (SDC/2GBKR)

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I Always Feel the Need For More Storage

Oct 4, 2008 (Updated Oct 4, 2008)
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Pros:Lightweight, large capacity


None yet.

The Bottom Line: I couldn’t ask for a better product then the Kingston MicroSD (Secure Digital) Memory Card. 

It is absolutely insane how much memory can be packed into small black packages these days. Micro is in, mini, for now, is out, and we, the consumer are all the better for it.

When I purchased my Motorola Moto Q 9h Smartphone it didn't come with a memory card, but there was a slot for one; namely a MicroSD memory card, denomination of your choice. I chose 2GB in the form of a Kingston MicroSD (Secure Digital) Memory Card to fill it.

The Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card offers large data storage in an extremely small package. The Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card ships with an easy to use adapter you can use to convert it to a full-sized SD card.

In the Package:

Kingston 2GB MicroSD Memory Card
MicroSD to SD adapter
Quick Start Guide

As I stated from the outset the Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card is remarkably small (less than an inch long), high capacity black and gray Micro Secure Digital Media Card with a storage capacity of 2.0GB (about 1.88GB after formatting). The MicroSD fit securely inside of the adapter, which in turn slips easily inside an available SD media card slot.

There are no drivers to install, and the card is compatible with both Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X.

First Impressions:

I love this little MicroSD Card! Light, almost too light the Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card fits easily into my breast pocket, or one of the numerous side and or interior pockets in my laptop case, when it not in my Moto Q 9h of course.

The Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card is easy to use, and as I pointed out above, the drive is designed for the Windows 2000 (SP3 & SP4), Windows XP (SP1 and above)/Vista (Ready Boost no supported) and Mac X Operating Systems (OS). Windows NT/95/98/98SE/Me are not supported. Both Windows XP and Mac X OS's have the ability to automatically recognize new hardware via plug-n-play technologies. There is no software to install.

Once inserted into an available card slot, the Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card automatically sets itself up as a removable drive, and as such is accessible just as any hard drive or a CD/ROM drive. File transfers are quick and painless via any SD Media Card slot, and I have experienced no file corruption to date, nor do I expect any.

Be advised, that if you have a preponderance of mapped drives already on your computer, as I do, Windows XP may not assign your removable media the next open drive letter; this happen to me. If you insert the Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card and get the message that new hardware has been found and is now available for use, but the device is not assigned a drive letter, you must go to Control Panel /Administrative Tools/ Computer Manager/ Disk Manager, to manually assign the drive letter.

I routinely transfers files from my laptop computer to my Moto Q 9h via the Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card; mostly music. And because the memory in the Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card is none-volatile, once removed from the memory card slot, your files follow you wherever you go. Nothing could be simpler; nothing could be easier; nothing could be more advanced!


I couldn't ask for a better product then the Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card. Small, lightweight and extremely utilitarian, the Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card is my new my new best friend. If you need a small, versatile, hi-speed, large capacity MicroSD storage device, look no further then the 2GB MicroSD Card by Kingston.

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