Kingston SD 8 GB Class 4 - MicroSDHC Card - (SDC4/8GB-2ADP) Reviews

Kingston SD 8 GB Class 4 - MicroSDHC Card - (SDC4/8GB-2ADP)

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The Kingston microSDHC SDC4 8Gb is a very useful and low cost digital storage device.

Jul 23, 2010 (Updated Jul 23, 2010)
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Pros:Small but powerful size, 8Gb of capacity, includes SD to microSDHC adapter

Cons:Easy to lose, average file transfer speeds

The Bottom Line: The Kingston microSDHC 8Gb Memory card can handle most of your digital photo storage needs and its small form factor means easy storage.

The Kingston 8Gb microSDHC memory card is where I choose to store a backup of my downloaded Nintendo DSi XL DSiWare video games and all of the digital photos that I have taken this year.  8Gb is more than enough capacity for this task but I was also attracted to the small form factor of this memory card.  If you place a microSDHC memory card on a United States dime, you will see that the dime is actually bigger! 

How fast is the Kingston 8Gb microSDHC memory card?

Read On To Find Out!

Potential Uses For An 8Gb Kingston microSDHC Card
Today we are being surrounded with more forms of digital media content creation methods than ever before.  You can create 8 megapixel photos on a cellular phone smaller than a typical leather wallet.  You can create stunning 1920 x 1080 digital movies with hand held video cameras as well.  The problem is that these new forms of content creation demand an ever increasing amount of disk space. 

Kingston microSDHC And HD Video
For example, my new Panasonic SDR-S26 SD Camcorder and digital camera can takes some very good video but taking just a few minutes of video worth was filling up my Kodak 4Gb KHSD4GBCNA SDHC memory card too fast.   Every thirty minutes, I had to open my ASUS 1005HA netbook and download the video from the small SDHC drive to make more room.  If you have a similar small capacity card then the Kingston 8Gb microSDHC should help you out as well.

The Nikon D90 12.3Mp Digital SLR Wants Your Megabytes!
Like a crazied zombie on the hunt for braaaiinns... the Nikon D90 12.3Mp Digital SLR can consume a hefty amount of memory space on your secure digital card.  While taking photos at a zoo in Houston, we took over 100 photos on a memory card and it consumed 3200 Mb of file system space!  Since I like to edit my photos later, the Kingston 8Gb micro SDHC gave me the ability to keep them until I got home and could use my 24" LCD monitor to review them.

How Fast Is The Kingston 8Gb microSDHC 8Gb Class 4 Memory Card?
You have the right to know how fast these secure digital high capacity memory cards are.  Your digital camera is heavily dependent on the file transfer speed of the memory card.  If you buy a slow memory card then your photos are going to take a long time to write.  In the real world, the camera will stop you from taking more photos until they have been written to memory.  Do you really want to risk taking the best shot of your life on a cheap, slow, low capacity memory card?

I created a file folder with 133 MP3 files across 4 subfolders for a total of 714Mb and transferred it to the 8Gb micro SDHC using my ASUS 1005HA netbook.  The file transfers were very fast considering this was a portable memory disk drive.  Underneath the results of the file transfer, I added the file transfer results of some other various drives that I have tested in the past using this same method. Traditional spinning SATA hard drives still lead the pack as far as raw file transfer speed but, as you can tell, memory based products are gaining.

Here are the actual results with the Kingston 8Gb microSDHC:
Run #1, 1 minute 50 seconds
Run #2, 1 minute 51 seconds

Comparison file transfer results from various hard drives and digital memory devices:
Samsung SpinPoint T HD501LJ 500 GB SATA II Hard Drive, 6 seconds
Seagate (ST3500630AS) 500 GB SATA Hard Drive, 12 seconds
Seagate Barracuda LP (ST32000542AS) 2 TB SATA II Hard Drive, 12 seconds
Seagate DiamondMax® 10 160 GB SATA Hard Drive, 16 seconds
Maxtor 6Y120P0 120Gb ATA Hard Drive, 18 seconds
 IBM Hitachi Deskstar 180GXP 40 GB ATA-100 Hard Drive, 22 seconds
PDP Systems Patriot Warp 32GB Solid State - SATA-300, 2.5 32 GB SATA Hard Drive, 44 seconds
Kodak KHSD4GBCNA High Performance Secure Digital, 1 minute 32 seconds
Kingston (SDC2/16GB-2ADP) 4x MicroSD Card, 2 minutes 2 seconds
SanDisk (SDMSG-1024-A10) (1 GB) Memory Stick Duo Pro, 2 minutes 45 seconds

Using an ASUS 1005HA mini laptop with an SDHC card reader and SiSoftware Sandra 2009.5.15.99 in the Removable Storage benchmark, I obtained the following performance figures for the Kingston 8Gb Micro SDHC memory card.  All my test results use the 512Kb test value in SiSoftware Sandra because they return the lowest performance figures and represent file sizes that are close to the average digital picture size.

Test 1
Device Index;  2239 ops/minute
Drive Index;  4.66 ops/minute/Mbps
512Kb Test
Read Performance;  26112 ops/minute, 217.6Kb/s, 1.45x
Write Performance; 417 ops/minute, 3.47Kb/s, 0.02x
Delete Performance; 2295 ops/minute

Test 2
Device Index;  2199 ops/minute
Drive Index;   4.58 ops/minute/Mbps
512Kb Test
Read Performance; 24592 ops/minute, 205kb/s, 1.37x
Write Performance; 422 ops/minute, 3.52Kb/s, 0.02x
Delete Performance; 2143 ops/minute

The Kingston Class 4 mini SDHC card turned in some decent results in my EeePc ASUS 1005HA netbook.  As a comparison, the Kodak 4Gb SDHC memory card reported with a Read Performance of 24951 ops/minute, 208Kb/s but that was only once and not backed up by the second run.   You just cannot expect more from a solid state removable memory device because of the limitations of the power feed in most computers and digital cameras.  To increase the speed, you would need to consume almost twice the current which can have dramatic effects on the battery life of your camera.

Manufacturer:  Kingston
Model Number: SDC4/8GB-2ADP
Memory Type:  microSDHC
Capacity: 8Gb
File Format:  FAT 32
Compliant with the SD Specification Version 2.00
Includes microSDHC to SDHC adapter.
Lifetime Warranty

Yes, I agree this is just a memory card and it is truly not worthy of this much discussion but I wanted to share with you all the unforeseen benefits of using these modern marvels to backup your important Microsoft Office documents and digital photos.  The SDC4/8GB-2ADP is truly an amazing product when you realize that it costs less than $20 today at  Go pick one up for yourself today!

In all I give the Kingston 8Gb microSDHC Class 4 Memory Card two thumbs up.

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