Multi-Purpose Solution

Dec 1, 2008
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Pros:It makes your eyes clear and they dont dry out.


The Bottom Line: If you want your contacts to be clean and sterile choose this solution.

I have had contacts sense i was in 9th grade. The first time I got my contacts my eye doctor gave me a Kirkland Multi-Purpose Solution sample and I really like it. So I have used it ever sense!

 I'm going to be honest my mom always buys my solution but whenever she does it comes in a box with three different bottles. I'm not sure of the price exactly but i want to say about 10 to 14 dollars.

Instructions for effective disinfection when you remove your lenses:
-Wash your hands with soap and water and dry them prior to handling your lenses.
-Place three drops or more of Kirkland Multi-Purpose Solution on each side of the contact lens and rub each contact for at least ten seconds.
-Rinse each side of the lens for five seconds with Solution.
-Place lenses in a clean lens case and fill with solution.
-Soak, Allow lenses to soak for at least 6 hours for disinfection.

Directions Prior to putting lenses in your eye:
Wash hands with soap and water before handling your contacts.
-Prior to putting your lens in rinse contact for 5 seconds with new solution not the same solution you let it sit over night in.

Protein Removal From Lenses:
Kirkland Mulit purpose solution removes protein while your lenses are soaking in the lens case. Daily use of solution eliminates the need for a separate enzymatic cleaner for Any lens wearers.

-Never use Solution with a heat disinfection unit.
-Never reuse Solution
-Use before the expiration date marked on the bottle.
-Keep Bottle cap tightly closed when not in use
-Store at room Temperature
-Keep out of reach of children

My Experience:
I really have enjoyed this solution. I have used other solutions when I have gone on trips and forgot mine and for some reason my eyes always feel dry. This solution makes my eyes feel hydrated and they never make my contacts dry. Kirkland Multi Purpose Solution also makes my contacts really clear I can see really well with out having to squint or take my contact out because it looks like something is on it.

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