KitchenAid KBFS25EW 24.8 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Reviews
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KitchenAid KBFS25EW 24.8 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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Roomy, quiet, magnetic!

Nov 20, 2010 (Updated Nov 21, 2010)
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Pros:Large capacity, quiet, bright interior, magnetic exterior, reasonable price.

Cons:Large footprint, a bit difficult to fill pitchers from interior water dispenser.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend this refrigerator for its interior space, its easy and flexible controls, its quiet operation, and its value for the money.

We have had this fridge in black (model number KBFS25EWBK) for about 5 months now, and we are absolutely thrilled with it. We upgraded from a standard freezer-on-top fridge when that fridge was on its last leg. The concept of a french-door refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom actually made a lot of sense to us, and it has worked out great.

This refrigerator has a capacity of 24.8 cubic feet. Rather than having water and ice in the door, we opted for the icemaker in the freezer and water just inside the door. This provides more storage in the left refrigerator door, and it is really no problem opening the door to get water (and we drink a lot of water!). Both the water dispenser inside the fridge and the icemaker in the freezer are supplied through a filter that is easy to replace and costs about $32.

The water dispenser has a button just above it that is made of soft rubber. It takes two hands to operate this, because one hand must push the button and the other must hold the cup or glass under the dispenser. With just the left door open, and with a typical cup or glass, this poses no problem. Since the button is above the dispenser, there is no issue with having a soft plastic cup to fill. It is a bit difficult to fill a pitcher, however, because the water comes out fairly close to the fridge's interior wall. For pitchers that are smaller at the top and larger or rounded at the bottom, this can be a challenge. I almost wish they would supply a hose (or maybe I will just get one), that can be attached to the nozzle for filling things larger than cups and glasses.

The icemaker in the freezer takes up about 12" D x 10" W x 3 1/2" H for the ice bin. It keeps the ice flowing, making a batch about every 3 hours in normal operation. Once the tray is full, if you are just using ice for average drinking loads, you are not ever going to run out. My only caution about the icemaker is that you have to be sure not to have any food covering or partially covering the ice bin. This can interfere with the arm on the icemaker that indicates the level of ice in the bin, and ice will not dump into it. Also, there is not an option to select crushed ice in this situation, since the ice is dumped directly from the freezing compartment into the bin. For us, the added space in the left door was worth not having a crushed ice option.

The interior of the fridge has three levels of storage on glass shelving and two crisper bins that are both humidity controlled. Below these two drawers is another "Deli" drawer that is not as tall as the crispers, but that extends the width of the interior (30 1/2" W). It also juts out about 6 inches beyond the crisper drawers and has a lid that can be raised rather than pulling out the drawer, if desired. Both fridge doors have to be open in order to pull out the right crisper drawer or the deli drawer, but the left crisper drawer can be pulled out with just the left fridge door being opened.

The doors each have three shelves that are each adjustable and removable for easy cleaning. On the right door, as the fridge comes, there are three clear plastic shelves that are each about 3 1/4" H x 5" D x 13" W. The left door also has three shelves, but the top one is the butter shelf, which is about 6" H x 5 1/2" D x 13" W. The second shelf is the same as those on the right door, 3 1/4" H x 5" D x 13" W. The third, bottom shelf is for milk, and holds a gallon jug easily. Its interior measurement is 6" H x 6 1/2" D x 13" W.

Just inside the fridge at the top is a control panel where the temperature of the freezer and fridge compartments are each set separately and have digital readouts of the current compartment temperatures. Other controls indicate when it is time to order a new water filter, when it is time to replace the filter, and a button to indicate it has been replaced.

There is a humidty control button for if you notice moisture accumulating on the door hinge seal. This turns on a heater to prevent the moisture from collecting. It was very humid here this summer, and that control worked like a champ.

A temperature alarm button engages an alarm that will let you know if the refrigerator or freezer compartments exceed normal operating temperature for over an hour. If there is a power outage, the highest temperature reached will be displayed.

An optional door alarm will sound every 15 seconds if a door has been left open for 5 minutes or more. This can be turned on or off by pressing the door alarm button on the control panel.

A "Max Cool" button can be used if you are filling the fridge or it is in a period of high use. It will automatically reset after 12 hours.

A "Max Ice" button causes the temperature of the freezer to drop temporarily (about 24 hours unless reset manually), so that ice can be made more quickly. We have not yet had to use this option, because it has done a great job of keeping up with our ice usage. I suppose if you were having a party and wanted to pre-bag some ice, this feature could be very useful.

I was worried that a fridge this large would be loud, but it literally purrs.

Oh, yes, and the outside of the fridge is magnetic all the way around! Most of the new refrigerators we looked at were either non-magnetic stainless, or had other non-magnetic finishes. In fact, we were hard pressed to find a french door refrigerator that was magnetic. This may not be an important feature for some people, but our refrigerator holds dozens of hilarious magnets, our calendar, notes, theater tickets, and family photos. While the black version of this fridge looks great all by itself, we prefer to take advantage of our ability to stick things on it.

One word of caution: Be absolutely certain that you check to see if this fridge will fit in your kitchen. At 35 5/8" W x 68 7/8" H x 35 1/2" D, this fridge was 6 inches deeper, 5 inches taller, and 6 inches wider than our old fridge. We had to raise and move the cabinets on the wall, and we also had to replace one of the cabinets on the floor with a more narrow one in order to accomodate the size of this mammoth.

If you are looking for a french door bottom-freezer refrigerator, I highly recommend checking out this model from KitchenAid.

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