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Klipsch HD Theater 500 Speaker System

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Feb 15, 2010 (Updated Feb 15, 2010)
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Pros:Excellent fit/finish, attractive, great sound quality beyond it's price class

Cons:Cheap spring clips, not up to filling a large room

The Bottom Line: Klipsch quality and sound at a moderate price - a winning combination.

Briefly, this is an upper entry level boxed speaker set forsurround sound systems. Klipsch speakers are known for their quality and their horn loaded tweeters and midranges, and folded horn bass drivers. What they are not known for is low cost speakers so this is new ground for them. These speakers do have horn loaded tweeters but the midrange drivers are direct radiator style and the separate sub-woofer is a ported, down firing design.

They have an attractive, piano black finish. The satellites are on the small side at approx. 6.5" high, and about 4" wide. The tweeter horn is molded into the speaker cabinet. The fit and finish are quite good and that, added to a nice weight, give them a substantial feeling of very high quality. Unfortunately that is offset by the spring clip wire inputs. Not only are they cheap spring clips but the openings are so small that 16 gauge wire is about the max you'll be able to get in them. Each satellite houses a .75" tweeter and a 2.5" mid range driver. The sub-woofer has a 100 watt amp and an 8" driver. As you can guess, this system is not meant to fill a large room with ear splitting sound and it doesn't. On the other hand, my listening room is approx 200 square feet and this setup is easily loud enough to rattle the walls before they even begin to show signs of strain.

I have mine set to a crossover of 120hz, 150hz would be better but even so you'd be hard pressed to hear the difference. As soon as the install was done the first thing I noticed was a much wider soundstage for music and movies had a much larger feel to them. Highs were very crisp and clear, no harshness. Mid-bass was clear and had very good presence. The bass was strong with just the smallest hint of bass reflex muddiness. Efficiency is quite good all around required very little effort from my receiver to reach room filling levels.

Prior to purchase I auditioned several other 5.1 sets, notably the Klipsch HDT300 (this systems little brother),  the Polk Audio RM-705 set, the Energy Take 5, and of course my set of Yamaha speakers. The Yamaha's were no match at all, the HDT300 sounded very nice but also ran out of steam rather quickly primarily due to the 6.5" sub. The Energy Take 5 was a very nice set of speakers and probably a good sonic match for the Klipsch but it came down to preferring the look of the Klipsch speakers. The Polk RM-705 was also a close match although I think the HDT500 was just a bit better on the high end. All in all I am quite happy with my purchase.

True Klipsch quality and sound at this price is amazing. I strongly recommend these speakers to anyone with a small to medium size room.

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Amount Paid (US$): 599

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