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Klipsch Heritage Heresy III Floor Standing Speakers

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Learning to fall in love again

Nov 20, 2006 (Updated Dec 1, 2006)
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Pros:Great company, unenhanced sound reproduction, crisp sound with no distortion

Cons:New press board material, some lows can fall off, need to find best room position

The Bottom Line: Great home speaker system with years on the market and gradual improvements. What sounds great at the store sounds different at home. The Heresy always sounds better though.

The Klipsch Heresy III is a progressive improvement over an already wonderful speaker. I purchased the Heresy II signature edition and a second set of unfinished wood Heresys back in the mid 80s after trying out numerous speaker systems from Cerwin Vega, Polk Audio, Infinity, etc.. I just loved the way the Heresy responded at low volume settings with the entire frequency spectrum that it could handle. The highs remained high, the lows low and the midrange, just perfect. Other speaker systems that would work great at party volumes just couldn't do this. The Heresy could also be brought up to very high decibel volumes without a hint of distortion. It was a fantastic all around speaker thanks primarily to its horn tweeter and midrange.

I thought that was the end of my speaker purchasing and for the last twenty years it was. With my son grown, more money coming in and time to get back into what I thought I no longer had time for I started looking around again. Gave my son the old Heresys, still sounding great after all these years and started the search again.

Luckily my local Audio shop was more than happy to let me try out a few different sets of speakers and I was almost sold when lo and behold there they are my door with a set of Heresy IIIs. I already knew the Heresy and was kind of wishing I had my old ones back so we went ahead and hooked them up.

Wow.. it was like an old friend with a fresh haircut, cologne and all spiffed up. They look great, sound great and I was sold all over again. Im really a sucker for what I already know. But hey, they were good 20+ years ago and theyre still good now.

A few things have changed. My old Heresys were all wood and these new ones are made of a press board material. That doesnt set well with me. The old Heresys took a heck of a beating from moves, the dog, kids, partys and 1 big clumsy brother of mine but still look great. Im hoping this material can hold up as well.

This new model also has a removable angled base. My old signature editions had a strait short base. I took the new base off and made a new base like the old models, but after listening for awhile, decided that angle base does make a bit of a difference and put it back on.

These Heresys like the old ones just dont have the ability to project sound that fills the room well. They are definitely a speaker that should be directed to the area you plan to do most of your listening. Once you figure out the best angle and position in your room for them, the rewards will be well worth the effort.

So what are the advantages over the old model? Well supposedly you get a higher db level that they can be wound up to. Ill never see them that loud though. What I get out of them is a slightly better response at lower volumes, something that sold me on the old version and you can hear an improvement in with these. The highs and mid range sound more open and lows have a tighter beat to them. Very nice!

When you do begin to turn them up the sound is crisp and right there. The Low bass sounds really begin to come alive with this speaker. When I say come alive, I dont mean you get a big BOOM BOOM sound, but a nice tight sound of controlled bass. You can almost hear every resonance of the bass strings or drum beat. Guitars sound like they should, maybe with a slightly loudened sound to the cymbals and higher pitched electric guitars, but not enough to upset the balance of sound overall.

I really think for home use the Heresy may be one of the best speakers available. Its been around forever with gradual improvements made like this every so many years and I liked what I heard enough that I ended up buying another set.

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