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Kolcraft Contours Options Ruby Standard Double Seat Stroller

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From A Father of Twins

Mar 30, 2009
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Pros:Sturdy, plenty of storage space, favorable car seat base option.

Cons:Heavier, limited leg room when face-to-face, trunk space depends on car size.

The Bottom Line: Considering our physical attributes, vehicle sizes, and the manner in which we use a stroller for transport, I recommend it. 

After researching various strollers for twins, I opted to buy this one.  The short list of cons didn't seem vital enough to deter me from this choice.  My twins are now six months old, and as of now, I can say that I'm pretty satisfied with our decision.  

The stroller is well-built, easy to use, and contains plenty of storage space below the seats (We usually haul a full diaper bag, two chest carriers, and a backpack filled with extra clothes and toys).  I actually prefer the double-front-facing position option this stroller offers as opposed to a side-by-side stroller because not only is it easier to roll through doors and into elevators, it is better for the kids because they tend to grab at each other's arms, bibs, pacifiers, etc., if they are side-by-side.  Trust me, they have plenty of time to bond outside of the strollers.

I have read several complaints about the size of these stroller seats and the fact that leg room is limited.  I would echo these sentiments, but at the same time I can suggest a solution.  We purchased the stroller from a website (forgive me but I don't recall the name) which offered two base frames for car seats, so we simply remove the Kolcraft seats and attach our Graco Safe Seat car seats to the base frames.  The kids have plenty of room in their car seats, and it eliminates the extra step of moving them out of a car seat into a stroller seat and vice versa.  Once the kids are back inside the car, the stroller folds easily without worrying about removing and storing the Kolcraft seats. Again, sorry that I forgot the website, but try to look for a vendor that offers two base frames with the stroller for no extra charge (and free shipping too!).

This stroller also works well inside the home.  Sometimes we want to put the kids down and tend to household duties, but we like to have them near us so they don't get restless and so we can keep an eye on them.  The double-front-facing option serves this purpose well, as it makes it easier to wheel the kids through doorways and hallways.

Someone had mentioned that the cup holders with the food tray compartment were too shallow, but I didn't notice this. I usually purchase a large iced tea from Coffee Bean or Starbucks and the cup fits nicely (I've never had any spillage).  Since the kids are just about to start solid foods, I have been using the food tray to store my cellular phone and my car keys, and these items fit inside without a problem.  

If the reader doesn't mind, I'd like to make another suggestion.  We purchased an item called The Mommy Hook, which is an accessory made of sturdy aluminum and rubber that allows you to hang a purse from the stroller handle.  Women can be hands and shoulders-free and save more storage space underneath the stroller.  A thief would have to really distract you if they wanted to steal your purse from it.  They'd probably have to use something to cut it away (besides, if a parent is looking away from their stroller and their children for that long, maybe it's not such a smart decision on their part).  

Another thing one must consider before purchasing this stroller is its size and weight.  It is probably slightly heavier than other strollers.  I'm six feet tall and in good shape so the stats don't affect me that much, but my wife is very petite (5 feet and just over 100 pounds), so transporting the stroller is more difficult for someone her size.  She can fold the stroller without a problem, but hauling it for any significant distance is rougher on her than on me.  The stroller fits inside the trunk of our Honda Accord along with a diaper bag, backpack, carriers, and a few other items, but if you have limited trunk space, I wouldn't suggest taking the stroller and necessary baby items to the store while trying to fit your grocery bags inside the trunk too. Fortunately, we also have a minivan and drive it anywhere that we need to take the stroller and haul or pick up similar size items.  

We also purchased the Kolcraft Universal 2 infant car seat carrier (for about 60 bucks).  It is a single-seat stroller we use when we feel like rolling only one child and placing the other in a chest carrier, or if we're ever apart and we both need at least a single-seat stroller (just drop the car seat on the base and strap it in). This stroller is lightweight, small, folds easily, and fits comfortably in the trunk.  

Before purchasing the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem, I would suggest that a person consider the following factors: their size and strength with respect to that of a stroller, the type of vehicle in which they will be transporting a stroller, and how and where they plan on using a stroller (malls, grocery stores, inside the home, etc.).  Not everyone has similar physical attributes or lifestyles, so be sure and select a stroller according to your own.  

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 199
Age Range of Child: 0 to 12 Months

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