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Kolcraft Jeep - Pink Umbrella Stroller

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Comfortable, lightweight, easy for traveling (folds easily), and convenient low price!

Jun 21, 2008
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Pros:Everything! - Sturdy Wheels, Bucket handles, umbrella, child's comfort level, great secure harness, etc


The Bottom Line: Everyone needs this stroller! It does wonders! Its above and beyond for the low cost!

My man and I were out shopping and were suppose to meet someone at the mall and my man recently got his rebate check a few weeks back, so we were carrying our daughter back and forth across the mall and she was getting very heavy and uncomfortable in her car seat, crying, whining and screaming in the mall. We wanted her to enjoy the trip as well and since we had a little money, we decided we would get her a stroller to help take some weight off our shoulders.

We go up to JC. Penny, but only stroller they sell is an umbrella ($15-$18 dollar kind that doesn't recline and has a type fabric design and just a bucket seat type of deal) and have one of these already and it collapsed on her, so we didn't find any help in JC Penny, so we walk to the other side of the mall to Sears.

OK.. OK... So, lots of people say Sears is expensive and not to go there, but overall, it was definitely worth our walk and trip to the other side of the mall.

After arriving in the mall outlet of Sears, we ask to be directed to infant strollers and see two we like (both by Kolcraft) and one which has two seats (since we have another child on the way) I kept begging my man to buy a two seater stroller, but my man hesitated and since his rebate was a smaller one, we went ahead and got the one seater Kolcraft Jeep - Pink Umbrella Stroller.

Overall Qualities;

Bucket grip handles :

I love the bucket grip handles due to the fact, I don't have to worry about getting blisters or my hands being uncomfortable with a grip and find it very comforting when pushing her around.


My daughter is almost 6 months old and is in the stage of "trying to sit up" so I find the reclining feature helpful in two ways; it has helped her not lean too forward or fall forward (and I find this a safe quality) and also in perspective, when she is tired, sleepy or fussy; she can easily take a nap with a comfort setting of her seat.

Seat padding is very soft and padded-like and I find this also a great quality comparing to the bucket seating fabric has no padding features and just fabric material alone.


Of course, many mothers and "fathers" (we can't forget them!) are constantly on the go and we do forget items needed such as blankets for covering and I found the umbrella convenient in many areas such as; keeping the sun, rain, hail, or dust from hitting her in her eyes. It extends downward near her face infront of her, up in the air and just about any position you want to pull it down. Its very flexible and once pulled up (it may look like an umbrella), but you close the umbrella in half which means, no bigness anymore of an umbrella shape. The umbrella also snaps off for better convenience and for mothers or fathers that don't like the umbrella feature.

Folding stroller

Unlike bigger strollers, this stroller is a breeze folding and putting in place. All you do is hit a hook upward from behind, fold inward and up and its already closed. Very easy unlike all the complicated steps with bigger strollers. Even though, this is a smaller stroller, it comes in handy when traveling, stores easily (I have even put this stroller on the bottom of a grocery cart) when deciding to go ahead and hold my baby in the store.


The harness is very easily adjusting, unlike some car seats, you gotta go in and out of loop holes, etc and more tasks even after that. The harness is a 3-point harness and has a triangle-like cushion harness and has the three prongs and snaps in place and has two straps on each side and you can pull them to tighten or to loosen, pull the opposite direction.

I also found the harness very supportive in security reasons, due to not only having material holding her in place, but because she has the cushion like triangle that keeps her secure and in place and the straps are bigger, unlike smaller straps that do not secure your child very well. Its a great feeling, not having to worry about your child falling out because many parents have experienced this many times with strollers, carriers, etc. And as a mother, I can never imagine having to even have to see my child falling out of anything without going ballistic. Very safe stroller and no worries on my part. Thank goodness!


Wheels are very thick & bulky and a little bigger and I found these wheels very sturdy and have never popped off (had this happen with a previous stroller) and it scared me to death and I was literally carrying the stroller and my child in the air, about to cry, worried about her. The wheels go smooth and quickly to your force and do not lose how much pressure you use and work easily. Its not jolting or any of that.

Ipod holdier

The stroller also has an ipod holder for baby, but parents can also use this for their ipods or other gadgets such as a pack of cigarettes, lighter, a cell phone, infant tylenol or whichever you want to use the tiny square hole for.

Back pocket

Behind the chair type thing, there is a back pocket that is similar to a net, where you can store smaller items and it has a snap you can snap to the back after putting items in this bag like net feature. Very convenient if you need to take items with you.


Right when I saw another lady with this stroller in JC Penny previously, I laughed, thinking, "man, she is rich to buy a $120 stroller from Babies R Us", but honestly, I found the same stroller (now the one I own) that she had and it wasn't the outrageous cost I thought she paid, instead, we ended up paying $55 for this handy thing with tax.

Overall :

Overall, I love the infant stroller; (my child is almost 6 months and weighs 16 lbs), (also can be used up to 35 pounds if not mistaken) and it has been convenient in many ways that I do not regret the cost at all and I will definitely recommend this product to anyone.

With me being pregnant and my back hurting, can you imagine me carrying my child around the house all day? Instead, I wheel her in her stroller to the laundry room (she sits there, not worrying about her falling out of her swing anymore from now wanting to sit up). She can conveniently watch mommy do laundry, dishes, (even cook and she smiled at that one) and when daddy comes home, guess where she is being wheeled to? The front porch and she is sitting, waiting for daddy to unsnap her, hug her, and fly her like an airplane.

Its the greatest stroller in the world. It is helpful in many ways and I think its worth WAY more than what we paid, but then again, I'd get mad if it went up with all the high gas prices... haha... So, I'd just say $55 is great for what features do on this thing!

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 55
Age Range of Child: 0 to 12 Months

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