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Kolcraft Jeep - Pink Umbrella Stroller

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Deluxe Jeep Umbrella Stroller

May 21, 2011
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Pros:Cup holder, storage areas, padded and reinforced seat

Cons:Sun shade not large enough.

The Bottom Line: A portable stroller that offers many features of a full sized model.

When my daughter was small I walked her in an inexpensive umbrella stroller.  I just spent two weeks in Colorado with family, and my sister-in-law loaned us her Jeep Umbrella Stroller to use for walking our granddaughter.  At first I wasn't impressed, thinking it was just like any other typical umbrella stroller, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The Jeep Umbrella Stroller has dual wheels on all four feet, and the front wheels swivel 360 degrees.  Our stroller was predominantly pink with gray accents with black padded foam handles that turned inward making them more ergonomic. 

The word "Jeep" was printed in black on the top of the stroller, while the bottom read "Jeep All-Weather".  The seat in our old stroller was made of a thin fabric that didn't give much support to a small child, it was more like a hammock!  The seat in the Jeep stroller was nicely padded and reinforced so it acted more like a chair.  I really liked the support this stroller offers.

When I put my granddaughter in this stroller for the first time I was surprised that there were no harness style shoulder straps, only a diaper shaped pad that fit snugly at our babies midsection.  This style allowed us to buckle her up quickly and easily.  We simply placed her in the seat, pulled the padded section up between her legs and snapped the straps (coming from the sides of the stroller) into each side of it.  The straps could be adjusted for a snug fit by pulling them through a buckle style device.

It took a week before I realized that this stroller had two seating positions.  When the back was in the upright position there was excess fabric on the sides.  I mentioned this to my husband and he pulled two black clips off of each side of the metal frame and the back reclined a couple of inches.  It snapped back into place on another set of bars on the frame.  When the back was reclined the fabric sides were continued with a mesh fabric that would allow a breeze through on a hot day.

This is the first umbrella style stroller that I have seen that offers a sun shield for baby.  It didn't provide as much protection as our full sized stroller here at home, but it certainly did help keep the sun out of babies eyes while walking.  It could be up high to protect our babies head, or it could be lowered to keep the sun out directly in front of our baby. 

When we had the sun shield lowered my granddaughter loved pulling at it and playing with it.  It was a bit flimsy and opened and closed with a plastic lever.  The plastic frame that was threaded through the casing had actually broken in half, but we were still able to use it, and since it was encased in the sun shield material there were no sharp parts visible.

There are a couple more features on the Jeep stroller that make it what I consider to be a "deluxe" model.  There are storage pockets attached to each side that can be closed shut quickly with Velcro.  Jeep refers to these as "Cargo Bags" but they aren't large enough to hold more than a few small accessories, a small bottle or a diaper.  A convenient cup holder for mom is attached directly below the left handle bar.

My granddaughter is 7 months old and weighs about 16 pounds.  She fit perfectly in this stroller, and was comfortable enough that she usually fell asleep while I was walking her in it.  The maximum weight capacity is 35 pounds, and this stroller is recommended for babies 1 month and up. 

This was a very handy stroller to take with us when we went shopping in the mall because when it was folded up it took up very little space in the trunk of our rental car.  Folding it up was easy, just flip a small red clip in the center of the back axle, push up on the cross bars and the stroller easily folds up.  When the stroller is open there are red locks on each back wheel that keep it firmly in place. 

One day (before we realized the back reclined) our baby fell asleep while on a walk, and my daughter placed the front wheels on a low step on the front porch, turning them to the right so they touched the house.  She locked the back wheels, and the stroller was very secure.  Of course we remained next to her while she was sleeping (I wasn't crazy about that set up, but it did work under supervision).

The fabric seems to consist of a tent like material making it waterproof and easy to clean.  This is considered an all-weather stroller, meaning it can be used in all types of weather and the fabric won't be ruined.  (The canopy wasn't large enough to keep our baby dry when we got caught out in the rain).

Aside from the small canopy, the only other problem I noticed concerned the handles.  The foam covering the handles had slipped down.  Between the end cap and the foam there was a space of about an inch that revealed the silver metal bars.  I was able, with some effort, to push the foam back into place.
Overall, for a portable stroller, this Jeep version offers many features of a full sized stroller, and I give it high marks for that!

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