Great styling, smooth ride, but safety compromised

Apr 7, 2004
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Pros:Great styling, smooth ride, fun steering wheel toy, good storage, includes pump for tires

Cons:wheels fall off, stroller tips when child climbs in/out, restraint tray removed by child

The Bottom Line: Good if you can be 100% vigilant in watching child and in attaching wheels correctly. Most people cannot. Product is unsafe otherwise.

Bought at Walmart for about $120 Canadian. Overall quite happy with it, but will look for alternatives first if we ever need to buy another stroller.

There were several problems with it, however. The first is that the flip lid on the parent's storage compartment along the push handle snapped off within a week. Probably our fault as it was in the open position as the stroller was loaded into the car. But a better or tougher design would have prevented this.

The second problem was with the restraint bar/tray, on which the play steering wheel is mounted (which our son of 2 yrs loved). But the tray/restraint on which the steering wheel is mounted has now been lost. This is because of the way it was designed - it has a clip on either side which can be undone to swivel the tray open to let the child in. Since there are two clips, the tray can be swivelled either way, which I'm sure is useful to someone (perhaps good for left vs. right-handed owners). But our son was fascinated with learning to open the clips, and somewhere along the way we guess he probably opened both of them and the tray fell off without us noticing! A stroller should not be dis-assembleable by a 2 yr old!

The third problem is that the stroller is not stable laterally. It clearly states in the manual that it is not really a jogging stroller (it just looks like one!), but that is not my concern. The problem is that it is not safe for a child to climb into this stroller from the side. It will tip unless someone is holding the push handle firmly.

The final problem is the most significant. The left wheel falls off continually. This is due to the ease-of-assembly designed into the wheels, which also equates to ease-of-falling-apart. There are little spring-clips which hold the wheels onto the axle. However, if the spring clips are not precisely aligned with the grooves in the axle, it is only a matter of time before you'll be pushing the stroller along, and the wheel literally falls right off. In the middle of a road crossing, for example. And since this is a three-wheeler, and one with lateral stability problems to start with, when the wheel falls off, it is very easy for the child to fall out as the stroller will tilt heavily to the side (wouldn't happen on a four wheeler).

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