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Kool-Aid Cherry: One of The Summer Staples of This House

Feb 12, 2008 (Updated Feb 12, 2008)
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Pros:Awesome taste, Vitamin C, inexpensive, easy to make.

Cons:Lots of empty calories if made with sugar.

The Bottom Line: That red ring around you mouth can only mean one thing .. you've been sucking down the Cherry Kool-Aid!

We are huge fans of Kool-Aid; pretty much every flavor gets purchased and consumed during the summer months and I have the stained plastic pitchers to prove it. Even though some people might look at Kool-Aid as a completely unhealthy thing to drink, when it's made with an artificial sweetener or sugar substitute it can be a godsend to those who are dieting or diabetic. The Cherry flavor is one of the basic blends in the Kraft Kool-Aid line up that also includes Grape, Orange and Lemonade. Sure there are exotic flavor combinations to pick from but I have never had a pitcher of any flavor sit in the refrigerator for more than a few hours without someone polishing it off.

Kool-Aid Cherry Unflavored Drink Mix

What makes this different from the other Kool-Aid cherry based drink mixes? Unlike the Black Cherry, this is smoother and not as sharp. It is one of the basic flavors that everyone seems to love and even though I don't use sugar in it, no one ever complains about the taste of the artificial sweetener. I will make a special batch of Cherry Kool-Aid and use less water and sweetener and pour the mix into ice cube trays. You get an awesome flavor from it even if you add them to water and because it is a Kool-Aid mix instead of water, it won’t dilute your drink. I won’t say that the Cherry flavor is my all time favorite but it is on the Top Ten list. So far I haven't come across a kid that has passed up the Cherry flavor either so that says something about the overall taste and palatability of it.

As far as the overall taste; that really depends on how you mix it, how much water and sweetener you add and how you like the flavor. It is sweet but not too sweet; if you have ever had a Cherry Air Head, that is about as close as you are going to come as an identical taste. It is milder than the other cherry assortments and blends from Kool-Aid but it isn't wimpy. If you are a fan of cherry drinks like Cherokee Red then you will love this flavor from Kool-Aid.

The .13 ounce packet will make approximately two quarts of Cherry Kool-Aid; if you like it stronger you can add less water. Likewise, if you like it a bit on the tart side you can add less sugar or sweetener to it. Do you have to add sugar? No. You can add a packet style artificial sweetener and get the same great taste. If you do go with an artificial sweetener you will want to read the product label to see what the conversion ratio is. Most packet products say that 24 packets is equal to one cup of sugar but that all comes down to personal taste and preference. Most of the time I use Splenda and add about 16 packets to the mix; it still comes out sweet and tasty and isn't the least bit tart.

I rarely use sugar when I make any Kool-Aid flavor and so far no one has ever complained about it. To me they are empty calories and wasted carbohydrates that the kids don’t really need to be consuming.. I will add fruit juice from canned fruit if I am making Jell-O with fruit at the same time. While this does add some extra calories and carbohydrates to the drink it is a nice change of pace and it isn’t something that I do all the time. The Cherry flavor is great if you want to mix it with another flavor mix or use it for ice cubes with another flavor. About the only one that I would avoid is Orange; the two flavors are so opposite that when you mix them the taste isn't all that appealing.

Kool-Aid unsweetened drink mix packets have an average selling price of about a quarter; when you factor in the price of the sugar or sweetener you use with it, it is still a lot cheaper than soda or fruit juice type drinks. I stock up on all the available flavors when they are on sale; most of the time they go on sale for a dime a piece [twenty for two dollars] and I do admit that I will buy fifty or sixty packets when they are on sale. As unpopular as Kool-Aid may be with some 'organic' parents, if you use a calorie free sweetener instead of sugar it isn't a bad drink. Each serving will give you ten percent of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C so you can't bash the product too badly.

The Bottom Line

Cherry Kool-Aid has a great taste, it is easy to mix and provides a nice dose of Vitamin C. The packets have a long shelf life and most of them have the coveted Kool-Aid points on the back of the packets that can be reddened for Kool-Aid products that you can check out at the website. When I get burned out on iced tea and diet soda I know that I can count on Cherry Kool-Aid to quench my thirst and keep me hydrated when we are outside goofing around. This part summer I started recycling the two liters from soda to use to mix the Kool-Aid flavors. When they get stained or start looking haggard I toss them in with the recyclables and feel that I have done a tiny little part to help the environment.

As always, thanks for the visit…

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