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LEGO Atlantis Shadow Snapper (8079)

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Lego Atlantis Shadow Snapper: Making Gamera Green With Envy

Jun 2, 2012
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Pros:Nice models, one figure, "limited edition".

Cons:Rover is a little on the lame side.

The Bottom Line: If you are a fan of the Lego Atlantis theme then this is worth getting but don't pay more than thirty dollars for it.

More than a few people were anxious about the Lego Atlantis theme; not only did it promise to have some great underwater scenes but the entire 'key' mystery was a sweet hook and selling point. The Shadow Snapper wasn't a set that I originally wanted to get. There are some great elements in it and the ability to customize is there but I really didn't have a need for it. It was on sale for a little more than ten dollars off the suggested retail price so I grabbed it knowing that most of the pieces could be used for other things if I didn't want to keep the 'turtle guardian' intact. From the image shown here you get the idea that both of the models are the same size, they are not. The rover [red] is smaller than the turtle [black]. I am still protesting calling it a turtle. Turtles are slow and non-threatening [unless they are snappers] whereas this thing is a complete beast. Is it worth thirty dollars? It all depends on if you are in to the theme and if you have a need for it; if you are getting it for parts then make sure you are getting it at a decent price or you are going to feel ripped off.

Is it a dragon? Is it a turtle? Is it a undiscovered beast? That's best left up to personal interpretation. Most people call it a turtle which is beyond me because I just don't see it as looking even remotely like a turtle. Just because Lego says that they are "turtle guards" doesn't mean you have to roll with it. Sure, I might get slammed by the Atlantis freaks but it is what it is. Overall this is one of the coolest and most visually impressive beasts of the theme; there are some character figures that blew me away but this is something that you can have a lot of fun with if you are in to customizing or modifying. There's no "best part" to this; everything works well including the color, accent pieces, spikes / teeth / claws, custom fin arches and the head section. The tail is long but sturdy; I can see it breaking if kids are throwing it around but under normal use and for actual models it should hold up nicely. Because there are a lot of ways to pose this, you are getting a lot of visual worth from it. Even if you aren't into the Atlantis theme and just want to make something demonic looking, you are going to get enough elements to work with bust master builders are going to see this an immediately know what they are going to want to do it to. I did want to get a couple of these sets to have two or three of these as an attack pod but there were only a couple left at the reduced price of $18.99. While it is a 'nice' set, it isn't $30.00 worth of nice.

The whole concept of the set is diver vs. monster. That's nothing new; Aquaone, Aqua Raiders and Alpha Team have all done the same thing with different villains. While this one isn't as evil as Ogel, there are a lot of things that you can do to make it simply sinister. There are a total of twelve movable sections to it, that can be a pro or a con depending on what you are going to be doing with it. The one person rover that comes with the set is decent but to me it's almost as if they created the monster first then said, "oh, crap, we forgot about the other model" and rushed through it. While there's nothing drastically wrong with it, it is an open air design. This is nice if you are getting the figure in and out of it often [so a real perk for younger kids] but if you want something that looks like it actually belongs in the water then you are going to be more keen on the enclosed types of rovers. You are only getting one mini figure with the set but you really don't need more than one because that is all that you are going to be able to fit into the rover. The huge enclosed turbine in the rear is a nice perk but that means you have to be viewing it from an angle to get the whole picture. It's got a nice sleek design to it but I would have rather had something that was a little more size specific because trying to get this to 'work' with some of the other vessels is tough.

Even though this was pushed with the "limited edition" tag on it, sales on it weren't as strong as Lego hoped. The suggested retail price of $30.00 was a little on the high side when you take a look at what you get. Yes, you are getting two different underwater pieces but is there replay value on them or do you have to have other sets to get the most from them? There's no denying that the combination of Lego and Technic pieces gives you a lot more detail and within the set there is replay value but if this is the only Atlantis set you have you are going to get bored with it quick. I do love the darker side of the set and that you can make some fierce looking beasts from it because of the spikes but this is definitely not something that I would recommend for kids under the age of eight because if it is handled roughly things will start falling off of it. You know what happens then right? You either get handed a half busted Lego model or you are going to be playing "Avoid The Lego" in the middle of the night.

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8079 - Shadow Snapper
8080 - Undersea Explorer

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