It's a dry heat. Perfect match to the LG washer.

Jan 3, 2010
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Pros:Has multiple cycle programs.  Clothes come out dry.  Can be stacked if space is tight.

Cons:None so far.

The Bottom Line: We're happy with this dryer.  It has plenty of bells and whistles if you choose to use them.  Otherwise, the preprogramed cycles are easy to select.

The Background  
As you may know from my previous reviews, we put an addition on our house during the summer of 2008.  One aspect of this project was turning an existing ¾ bath into a 1st floor laundry room.  With a toddler in the house, this stood to save us, or more accurately, my wife, a lot of running up and down the steps to the basement laundry area.  We decided that we were going to replace our 10 year old washer and dryer when we "activated" the new laundry facility.

As usual, we set out on our parallel internet and big box/hardware store search.  We researched a few brands.  We decided on a pair of LG machines.  For one, they seemed to have a pretty good reputation.  And my wife was enamored by the green color option. 

Details About The Product  
The dryer came with the drum immobilized for transport (make sure you remove those fasteners).  I usually like to install appliances myself, but I was at work at the time, and the contractor guys did the installation for us.  The dryer is 27"W X 30"D X 38 ¾"T, and you need ~20" clearance out front for the door to open.  Unlike the washer, you can switch the door to open from either right or left.  You also need about 1" behind the machine for the electrical connection.  These units are capable of being stacked, but I'm not too keen on that.  So we set it side by side with the matching washer (see my review here: LG WM2233H Front Load Stacked Washer

The exhaust can be routed out the left, right, rear, or out the bottom depending on your installation.  We needed to purchase a new cord for the dryer due to electrical code changes, especially since this was a new laundry room.  You may want to check on your local codes. 

There are 7 specific cycles that can be selected using the rotary knob with preset levels:

1)      Cotton/Towels
2)      Normal
3)      Permanent Press
4)      Delicates
5)      Speed Dry
6)      Freshen
7)      Air Dry

Within each of these cycles you can select different settings for Dryness , Temperature Control, and Drying Time, which basically presets a drying temperature and time.  There are also buttons to add more time, reduce the time, and to select a custom program.  As with the washer, you can set an alarm that alerts you when your laundry load is dry.  An option button allows you to engage the child lock, wrinkle care, and an alarm when your clothes are nearly dry.  The child lock protects against a dreadful accident that I can hardly think about.  The wrinkle care turns your clothes every few minutes for up to three hours if you can't get to them right away.  And the Damp Dry alarm notifies you when the clothes are about 80% dry so you can remove items you want to iron or those items that dry quicker than others.

Like the washing machine, this also has melodious jingle that is played when the entire wash cycle has completed.  Our daughter loves to listen for this and runs over to tell us when the laundry is done.  The LED display shows cycle progress, along with estimated time remaining, and flashes a check filter reminder at the beginning. 

How Well Does It Work?  
This dryer is comparable to the one that was replaced.  It has more bells and whistles, which, for the most part go unexploited in our household.  We use the typical settings, and those hves worked quite well.  I would say that the filter is much easier to clean than the old machine.  It's located right inside the door, and slides easily out.  I perceive that it has less filter area than the old machine, but it doesn't seem any more clogged, so maybe it's a non-issue.  Also, about once a year or so, I would use our vacuum cleaner and a long brush to clean out the lint filter "well".  Because the filter sits in a narrow slot, that job may be more difficult.  I haven't tried it yet.

Otherwise, the clothes come out dry.  I'm just disappointed that they don't come out ironed and hung up.  That must be available on a more expensive model.

My Recommendation  
We are happy with this machine.  It has severed us well for more than a year now with not problems.  It looks good sitting next to the washer.  And as a pair, I would recommend these to my friends and Epinion readers.

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