LG DLG2526W Gas Dryer conversion to LP Gas

Feb 2, 2009
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Pros:None, haven't even used this unit yet...

Cons:Not DIY service friendly. LG Corp alienates 7 million LP gas users here in USA

The Bottom Line: Do not buy this unit if you are a user of LP Gas, $100- $200 service charge to change this orifice from natgas to LP gas.

As of the yr 2000 7 million households in the United States use LP Gas as their primary source of heating fuel. My best guess is those same households use LP Gas for cooking, drying their clothes. Cheaper than using electric.

So, when I was informed by the Home Depot associate that my new LG DLG2526W Gas Dryer came with only factory installed natural gas orifice and that I would have to buy the lp gas conversion kit, a yellow flag went up. But I told myself, 5 min job, the amount of time it took for the change out on my old Maytag Neptune dryer that I was replacing, WRONG...!!!!

Remove 4 screws on the old Maytag Neptune and the front panel comes off exposing the inside. With the new LG DLG2526W dryer you have to remove 3 screws from the back, removing top panel. Then unpluging the 6 plugs in the back of control panel that is now exposed and removing the 2 screws, then removing control panel. Next I had 4 screws at the top of the front panel to remove plus, 2 addional screws inside bottom dryer door, then lifting front panel off from unit.
What a beautiful sight, my new $740 LG DLG2526W gas dryer in 4 pieces, made me feel warm and fuzzy all over....!!!!

So the service manual calls for the removal of drive belt and then removing the dryer barrel, blah, blah, blah, to get to the point where you can easily replace natgas orifice with LP gas orifice. Nothing easy about this conversion, and I'm sure the service tech would charge $200 for this.

After removing the front panel the gas valve structure is exposed bottom right, but not easily accessible. Frame structure blocks this. With a short stubby philips screw driver I reached inside to remove the 2 screws that hold burner funnel in place. Then with a small 10 mm wrench loosen and remove natgas orifice. Turning LP gas orifice into place required holding your tongue in the best working corner of your mouth while praying to God that it doesn't take you more than the 30 mins it took me to screw this $18 part into position. Love it when a plan comes together. Now the service manual calls for the use of a screw driver to close valve setting, no dice, plastic screw, screwdriver rips the slot, had to use 12 or 13 mm on nut that is on plastic screw. Re-assemble.

Now I have yet to use my new gas dryer, because when I was removing the front panel the door switch plug gave me a little trouble and have to replace it, $15 plus 2 day shipping.

I have given some thought to this whole experience, and have come to the conclusion that Harley Davidson mechanics have nothing on me.

Would I buy this unit again, No. It is not service friendly. If you ever have to replace the drive belt, etc, get a priest or pastor because God will have to be in the mix. I'm almost positive that by doing this job myself I've also voided the warrenty.

Special Thanks to Al Gore for inventing the internet.

And also Goggle for suppling me with this service manual


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