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LG LDS4821 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

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Overall very happy

May 27, 2009 (Updated Jun 5, 2009)
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Pros:VERY quiet, stainless steel tub, cleans dishes well

Cons:Intallation a little tricky.

The Bottom Line: I have owned this dishwasher for a little over four months and have had no problems with it. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

I have owned the LG LDS4821ST dishwasher for a little over four months and so far it has performed very well. I wanted something quieter than the piece of junk Maytag that this washer replaced and was considering a Bosch until the saleperson at Best Buy recommended the LG. I own an LG refrigerator and have been extremely happy with that so I figured why not and went with the LG dishwasher.

I wondered if I had made a mistake when I started reading some of the negative reviews on this dishwasher but came to realize that for the number of LG dishwashers that had been sold, the negative reviews weren't all that many. And if you read between the lines, a good number of the complaints are the result of user error, issues with installation, or other things that could have been learned before purchasing.

Here's what I've found with this dishwasher:

First, the installation is different than what I've encountered on past washers I've owned. My original wiring and plumbing came up through the floor under the previous dishwashers but on this one you CANNOT run the lines that way. The plumbing, hot water feed and drain, have to run through the side of your kitchen cabinet and connect under the sink. The reason is that on the LG, there is a plate than covers the entire bottom and it sits pretty close to the floor. There are two channels in the plate, one to run the flexible water line in from the hot water connection and the other to run the electrical wire through. If you are handy you can do the plumbing and wiring yourself but if you're not, be prepared to get a plumber or handyman to do the install.

Second, the air vent on this LG is at the bottom of the door. During the "drying" cycle, hot air comes out and hits the floor and can cause a slight temporary fogging, especially if the floor is cold (think winter, unheated basement, hot air hits cold surface, etc). The floor in my kitchen is tile and does fog a little during the dry cycle but it never gets truly wet, just a light damp mist that dries right away. I have read reviews where people complained about heavy moisture on the floor and even a couple of complaints about the floor warping or buckling because of this. If you have a wood floor and it is sealed properly, you shouldn't have a problem. I believe the warping issues were probably on wood that wasn't sealed or on floated floors like Pergo. I can see where there might be an issue in those cases. Also, someone who read this review emailed and asked if the hot air coming out of the bottom of the door during the drying cycle would be hot enough to hurt toddlers or pets. I have put my hand in the hot air and, while it is very warm and could possibly turn your skin red if you left it there, I don't feel it would cause any severe injury or blister the skin. As far as pets, I think most would check it out once and figure real quick it wasn't something they should mess with.

Third, it is important to use a drying agent like Jet Dry. Because this dishwasher does not use an electrical heater during the drying cycle and uses only hot air inside, glasses will develope spot stains if you don't use a drying agent. You can use Jet Dry or something like the Cascade liquid packets that have the Jet Dry in them.

Fourth, I've read complaints concerning the silverware baskets. The main complaint is that the holes in the basket covers are too small to put some knives, forks and spoons through. The forks and spoons I use fit, barely, but the knife handles are too big to go through. The covers are removable though, so after some experimenting, I removed the center compartment cover (there are three compartments in the utensil basket) and I use this section for the knives and larger handled items. If all of your utensils have handles that are too big, you can simply remove all three covers and fill the baskets that way. Not a big deal.

Fifth, this unit does not have a food grinder. If you scrape and/or rinse your dishes before you put them in, then you'll not have a problem. If you leave big pieces of food, you will have issues and will have to get in there and clean out the pump drain screen. Seriously, you should scrape the dishes anyway. It is a dishwasher, not a food disposal.

I have also read complaints about the wash cycle being too long. In normal cycle, the run time is almost two hours. Keep in mind that the last thirty minutes are the dry cycle so the wash cycle is a little shy of 1-1/2 hours. I personally don't care as the dishes come out clean and spotless and believe if you want them sooner, you can always hand wash them.

Overall I am happy with the purchase of this dishwasher and can recommend it. Plus, it's about half the price of the Bosch units I was considering.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 500

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