LG LFX25960ST 24.7 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator

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My LG french door refrigerator was a fire hazzard!

Nov 3, 2011 (Updated Dec 2, 2011)
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Pros:It looks good.

Cons:Could burn your house down.

The Bottom Line:  Reviews on several different models having the same fire issue and no one at LG is willing to warn consumers about it. Dangerous!

We bought this LG fridge along with several other LG appliances back in August of 2006. We were building our house and needed everything when it comes to appliances to fill our new home.

The Model number  of this particular one is LFX25960ST but, I have read several incidences of many other models that have had the same exact issue. People need to be warned of this issue, something LG is not doing. We found out the hard way and it is the way everyone is finding out unfortunately.

We paid $2500 in 2006. We though that it was a really nice looking Fridge and i really did love it. I loved the freezer drawer on the bottom and the pull-out drawer in the freezer. I love the pull-out shelves inside the fridge. I love the temperature control on the outside of the fridge. I liked the glass shelves. The ice maker seemed to fill up quickly when I had to empy it out when we had guests. that is a HUGE plus!

BUT.... The refrigerator started to make a weird noise every once in awhile. It sounded like water spraying. My husband thought that is was just the sound of the ice maker filling back up. That maybe it got louder. A bit later we discovered that the hose for the ice maker had a crack in it and it was spraying water all over the back wall behind the fridge. We bought the repair kit at Home Depot (That is where we bought the fridge and this is the LG reccommended kit) and repaired it. the repair lasted less than a week. We did this several times before we gave up and stopped using the ice maker/water filter. It is embarrassing when guests come and want ice and we have to drag out the big bag of ice we buy at the store.

On top of that the icemaker had to be taken apart and thawed out occaisonally do to ice clogging things up. Ironic! Our food and drinks would freeze at a normal 34 degree temp in the back of the fridge. We have thrown out a lot of food and milk this way. A waste of money. Food in the freezer tends to get freezer burn and frost quite easily. Never had this happen before when the food is wrapped properly. But, with this fridge, it does.

Now, for the worst part.....

Our refrigerator nearly caught on fire last night. If we had not decided to celebrate my daughters birthday AFTER church verses before, we would all have gone to bed sooner and probably been in a house fire! The smell of burning plastic when we opened the fridge door was overwhelming and noxious!
When we walked into our house after church last night (Nov. 2, 2011) we could smell that something was burning. We searched and could not find the source (never assuming it would be our fridge!). We went about the birthday party thinking someone may have a BBQ or wood fire burning somewhere. Around 9:00pm I went to the fridge to get my 2 year old some milk and was curious because there was a smell in the fridge. The milk was warm. I poured my son the milk and closed the fridge door. A few minutes later my husband opened the fridge to get something and that is when the fumes of burning plastic were overwhelming and made me sick right away. The fridge was quickly heating up and getting hotter. My husband said that the lamp unit behind the French doors was burning hot to the touch and the whole inside of the fridge was warm. (even though it was set to 34 degrees) The lamp unit was smoldering hot! I took the model number and looked it up thinking that maybe LG had a recall and for some reason we never got the notice (we did get a notice last week about a energy efficiency problem from LG. Never anything about a defective lamp that could burn your house down!) It was when I was looking up the model number that I saw hundreds of complaints about this LG product and the same exact problem. The response from LG when people called was always the same, indifference and an unwilling attitude to do anything about it.
This scares me. I lost sleep last night thinking about it. I had my husband take the light bulbs out of the fridge. We already had to replace our LG above stove microwave that we bought at the same time because it started to catch on fire. The second LG microwave (same model) then ended up with a broken seal on the door and we were told to stop using it but it would not be replaced. We now have a 15 year old microwave that sits on the counter that we use everyday and the expensive LG one sits unused!!! 

Now we have a fridge that not only does not make ice anymore or give us a glass of water, but, it also poses a fire hazard in our home! We paid $2500 for that fridge. This is disturbing to me.

We had read that the lights right behind the french doors get over heated and do not shut off even when the door is sealed and completely shut. The lights begin to overheat and in that tight/small and sealed space it can get hot very fast. I was told that someone's chip dip was boiling in the fridge when this happened to them. Apparently there is a circuit board problem and the computer in the fridge does not know when to turn the light off. We have burn marks on nthe lamp unit in the fridge.  We were fortunate to have caught it in time before we went to bed. Otherwise, it could have been a different and tragic story.

My husband builds homes and remodels them. He is doing well, even in this economy. God is blessing us. We recommend appliances to our clients that ask us what we suggest all the time. We are scared to recommend LG anymore for fear this will happen to them too. Countless complaints were made about this fridge and LG has done NOTHING about it. Families are in danger because of this.

We do NOT want another LG fridge in replacement of this. We don’t want it to be repaired even. (we read complaints of people having it repaired and then the same thing happened AGAIN. We want all of our money back so we can buy a fridge from a different manufacturer and feel safe sleeping at night.

I am calling my local news station as well as the US Consumer Safety Commission. We will do whatever it is that we have to do to make sure this gets resolved and LG stops making refrigerators that catch on fire. I have 3 children and I am NOT going to put my family in jeopardy. I don’t want other families in jeopardy either.

I did contact LG via their customer service phone line. They told me that the only thing that they can do for us is to repair it and cover the cost of repair. I explained to them that I do not feel safe with that as I have read numerous complaints that people’s refrigerators were repaired by LG and the issue happened again. I am not willing to take that risk. The agents response was that if the repair is done properly then the issue won’t happen. I asked her how to know if the repair was done properly. She had no response. I told her that I guess if my house doesn’t burn down then it was done right but if my house does burn down then it wasn’t. So, I guess it is just a risk you have to take?? Sorry, but it is a risk I am not willing to take. I will lose sleep every night and worry every time I leave the house wondering if the issue will happen again. For the money that we spent on this thing we should not have to have that kind of fear on a daily basis. That kind of stressor everyday.

I sent this letter to LG but every time I pushed “send” on the website I got an error message. Nice.

After I called LG I contacted a lawyer that had done a class action suit against LG a couple years ago because of this problem. (funny that we as purchasers of this product were never told by LG of the problem even after they were sued because of it) . I wanted to know what the final outcome was. He said that they were only able to get LG to do repairs on the appliances at their cost (LG's)  I do not feel that this is enough. For one, the repairs made previously did not work because the problem happened again. I understand that LG and the lawyer told me that LG has come up with a new kind of repair for the fridge as they are saying it is a circuit board issue but it has only been 6 months since the new kind of repairs have been done. they report that so far no problems from the repairs were reported. What I say to that is, "Yeah??" The repairs previously were done and it was a year or more later when the issue happened again. So, we do not really know if these repairs will be the end all be all fix-it solution. (LG had no response to that). 

I called the US Consumer Safety Commission and they were very happy to hear from me. they told me that very few people actually take action and report things to them. they told me that they need all the complaints that people have in order to be able to do anything about the issue. This is a HUGE deal and it is a risk to your family and homes and we need to be proactive and be sure to call the US Consumer Saftey Commission if you have a serious issue with anything you own.

LG customer service line: 1-800-243-0000
US Consumer Safety Commission: 1-301-504-7923

!!UPDATE: I filed the report with the Consumer Safety Commision and it has been published. I got a call from LG today and when I talked to them I explained to them that i did not wish to get a repair as I am afraid of the issue happening again because I have read that it has happened to people AFTER the repair was done. The girl at LG told me that "M'aam, only sometimes does it happen after the repairs are done."   What??!! ARe you kidding me!!?? I told her that she just admitted that the fridge could catch on fire even AFTER the repairs!! She said "Yes M'aam but only sometimes. It does not always happen." I told her that that was ridiculous and that I was not willing to take a risk that I could be one of the SOMETIMES and have my family be in danger or my house burn down or both. All she responded with was "I'm sorry M'aam. I understand but..." I told her that I could not take that kind of risk . She told me that LG says it is only a REPAIRABLE issue (EVEN THOUGH THEY ADMIT THAT EVEN AFTER REPAIRS IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN!!) and that is all they can do.

This is crazy! I never heard back from Channel 7 news.  will call them back today and I will call another station as well.

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 2,500

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