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Sep 16, 2006 (Updated Sep 18, 2006)
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Pros:Very easy to use, gentle on clothes, steam fresh.

Cons:Price, can't change door to open in other direction.

The Bottom Line: Great variety of cycles, HE, uses very little water. Very quiet, no shaking of the house. Looks great.

We recently purchased this HE washing machine and a dryer. We bought a stacking kit because the washer door opens on the wrong side for our laundry room and would get in the way of getting clothes to the dryer. Since I am home with a new baby and excited about the LG, I have done more laundry in the last few weeks than ever before.

The Product
This is a very attractive washing machine that comes in white, black, blue, or red. Of course you pay more for colors. We didn't and have white. There is a display on the front that indicates which cycle you select, temperature, spin speed, soil level, beeper, and time remaining. It also indicators for steam, door lock, child lock, and for the delayed wash. No more selecting size of the load, the machine will spin a couple of times, stop, spin the opposite direction, then show the time remaining. In essence, it is figuring out the size of the load itself.

Cycles include:
Steam Fresh - This is a short 20 minute cycle to either freshen, or remove wrinkles from a few pieces. The clothes come out wetter than I would prefer. I just saw the commercial and it is wearable immediately. The directions even say to wait 10 minutes. I did this and the shirt was still too damp to wear. The wrinkles were out though!

Sanitizing load -I love this! This sanitizes clothes with temperature. You can add the steam option to this load. This is for heavily soiled clothing.

Bulky/Large - for large items like comforters (will handle a king sized comforter).

Permanent Press - Self explanatory

Cotton/Normal - We use this most often for our mixed loads.

Baby Wear -for lightly soiled baby clothes

Delicates - This is for dress blouses, sheer and lacy clothes.

Hand Wash or Wool - For clothes that state hand washable.

Speed Wash - This is for small loads or lightly soiled clothing.

Different cycles allow different options such as temperatures, spin cycles, soil levels, prewash, stain cycle, and steam. there is an option for an extra rinse for all cycles except steam fresh.

You can pause a cycle when needed. There is also a delay wash for up to 19 hours. Water plus is an option to add water to the wash and rinse cycles. There is a light inside the drum which comes on when the power button is pressed and when the washing cycle is over. It turns off automatically.

The door locks automatically and you need to pause the cycle before the lock will open if you need to add clothing. There is also a child lock. Only the power button is not disabled in the child lock mode.

The monitor on the machine allows for english, spanish, or french.

This uses HE detergent and has a measurement for the maximum amount of detergent easily seen. There is also a place for liquid fabric softener bleach, and detergent for prewash. For powder detergent you need to remove the liquid detergent compartment.

When using the steam features, it is recommended to wipe down the door area to remove the water when finished.

Product Features
Technical info from the manual
*You can purchase a remote monitor separately. It hooks up to the washer and/or dryer and you can see how much time is remaining from wherever you hook up the monitor. It transmits information through the electrical system so the monitor must be plugged in.

*Ultra Capacity - Hopefully I won't be able to overload this one!
*Direct Drive System - Brushless DC motor, no belt and pulley.
*Tilted Drum and extra large door opening - for easier loading and unloading.
*Roller Jets - This is to reduce damage to clothing and jet sprays help tumble the clothes.
*Automatic Wash Load Detection - No more guessing what size load I just put in.
*Built-in Heater - to help maintain water temperature and for the steam.

Our Experience
So far we are loving the machines! We did purchase the HE detergent and it uses less than with a top loading machine. The machine also uses much less water.

The only time we really hear the machine is when it is adding water - which it adds less than a minute at a time. Even this is very quiet. Our bedroom in down the hall from the laundry room and I can't hear the washing machine itself. Even the spinning is super quiet. We have not felt any shaking which we felt with the other machine we had. This is a complaint I have heard of from others.

I have been very pleased with our clothes. They are looking cleaner and much more vibrant. I think the clothes are being washed more gently and should last longer - this is because of the amount of lint we see now.

Labor is covered for one year. Parts (with some exceptions) are covered for one year. Electronic Control Board is 2 years. Drum Motor is 7 years. The stainless steel drum is a lifetime warranty.

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