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Totally disgusting! Slime, build up, noisy, scummy mess!
by alwayscleaning
My LG Tromm washer is about 7 years old now... model #wm2075cw. I have had the same complaints about this machine from the first week I got it.

As all the other reviewers have mentioned it has the rubber seal that stays wet. You supposedly have to leave the door open until it drys so it won't get moldy.

I ALWAYS leave my door open when not in use and it still grows mold! I have to get in there and wipe it out with paper towels because it's so wet. It will take days to dry on its own. By then it will have mold! In fact there has been such a problem with this that the rubber itself is stained black from the mold (even though I scrubbed it and bleached it)on the bottom inside where the water tends to puddle.

I use bleach at least once a week for towels or whites. I have used tide HE washing machine cleaner (for build up). I use HE detergent, always have. However the scum and mold growth persist.

If I take my finger and wipe the small space I can reach on the drum this filmy gross and grimy gunk comes off in bunches!
I even had the guy from best buy come out when I had it under warranty to check it out. He tried to blame me for using to much soap. That isn't the problem. I only use up to line 2 on the measuring cup for the detergent.

Also this thing is super noisy, like jet engine noisy. My repair man said I needed to adjust the feet. I did and it didn't help. I had to put rubber door stops under the thing to make it stay put because it vibrates so much.

My washer does not stink because I leave it open ALL the time, but if I accidentally leave it closed to long, say over night until after breakfast. It starts to get musty.

About a year ago it started to pool water in the soap tray. So when I go to open it to start a new load the soap tray is full of water and sometimes bleach too. This is a major problem if I'm washing towels and then lets say my good jeans. I have to be really careful to take out the tray and rinse it in the sink to get the rest of the bleach out so it doesn't ruin my clothes!

A real nightmare this thing has been. If I had the money I would replace it today. Bottom line is that if a machine is supposed to keep your clothes should be clean! Do not buy this piece of junk. It is not worth the money time or effort to keep it clean.
Dec 2, 2011
2:01 am PST

Sources of Smells and Corrosion In front Load Washers
by biguggy

Many posts on many sites claim that the corrosion of the spiders is due to galvanic action. I do not agree, I believe it is primarily chemical corrosion.

Should the corrosion have been galvanic between the stainless steel drum and the aluminium spider the majority of the corrosion would have been at the junction of the two metals i.e. at the ends of the arms. I have seen no photographs of spiders corroded in such a manner, nor read of any similar descriptions.

Aluminium is corroded when immersed in an aqueous solution with a pH value above about 8.0. All detergents have to be above about 8.0 or they would not work. In fact almost all laundry aids can have a pH value above about 8.0 provided that the required concentration is reached. The Material Safety Data Sheets put out by Proctor and Gamble state that the pH for one of the liquid ‘Tides’ is 8.0 and for one of the ‘Tide’ powdered detergents as 11.0. Bleach, (sodium hypochlorite) is also very corrosive to aluminium. I should add that for corrosion of the spider to take place these levels are considerably above the levels found in a washing machine during the wash/rinse phases of the cycle.

Borax, sodium carbonate and sodium percarbonate found in some laundry aids are also corrosive to aluminium, provided the required concentrations are reached.

I believe the mechanics of the corrosion are as follows.
Even after the fastest spin small quantities of water will remain on the shaft and towards the centre of the spider. Any recesses in the spider close to the centre will aggravate this situation. This water will contain very, very small quantities of laundry aids used, soil from the laundry and chemicals from the ‘tap’ water. Should this water be allowed to stand the water will evaporate until such time as sufficient has gone to allow the pH of the remaining mixture to rise above the threshold at which corrosion will occur.

Additionally the retained water will quickly become foul smelling leading to, I believe, many of the complaints about mold and mildew.
May 8, 2011
4:26 am PDT

Re: Why you Washer stinks and gets mildewed [bleach]
by floridabroker
My LG machine stinks to high heaven!!! All the laundry smells musty. I use HE detergent according to the mfg recommendations. I drain the hose and rinse the filter every couple of weeks, which is more frequently that suggested.

Anyone that thinks that I should be required to leave the door open when the machine is not in use or to use bleach (to which I am severely sensitive) must work for LG, because these suggestions are mere attempts to compensate for serious design flaws. I will NEVER purchase another LG product!!
Aug 16, 2009
6:50 pm PDT

Re: I have to agree
by jasonhateslg
I am at my wits end as well with my LG TROMM washer. It too has a bad smell and mold problem. I live in Canada, and class action lawsuit is next to impossible here, but I think its about time, especially with the cost of this machine. I have 2 small children, and work in the construction industry. My washer is going almost full time. One day I noticed a funny smell on my towels, and could not determine the source, but for some reason I thought it could be.....the washing machine. Upon further investigation, I lifted that famous rubber seal and much to my surprise...MOLD. I have tried the cleaning cycle with bleach, I use that expensive HE detergent, and follow all directions in the book. STILL MOLD!!!! I am not sure what to do next, If I spent 100.00 on the machine it would be going out with the next load of trash, but it was more like 2000.00.....HELP! if you can, and mabey someone should talk to a lawyer and LG should start replacing our machines!
Sep 27, 2008
8:49 am PDT

I have to agree
by merwinspawn
Shortly after purchasing the top of the line LG TROMM Steam Washer, some of my clothes came out stained with a substance I can only liken to "grey silly string". This stuff ruined my clothes; once infected with this stuff, it's nary impossible to remove.
Upon examining the washer, I discovered that this goop collects in the gasket around the drum, especially the bottom of it where there are 3 "holes".
Running a weekly tub clean seems to keep this crud at bay, mostly, but you still have to use something to wipe the inside of the gasket once a month (not an easy task to do at all) or you risk the goop escaping onto your clothes.
Use the link below to see a picture of the awful stuff affixed to a (formerly) nice shirt of mine.
Sep 26, 2008
8:58 pm PDT

Found a solution
by lsyler
This is an easier solution for me because I have a drain at the bottom of my laundry room floor. I don't know how you would do this without one. Anyway, open the little door on the lower left of the machine. Open the pump filter by turning knob to left. LEAVE OFF. You will smell all of that stinky water draining out. Hit the rinse/spin button and start the machine. More water will drain out of the bottom. Flush the water until the water smells fresh. Turn the washer off and replace the pump filter. Now wash your clothes like you normally would. I do this at the beginning of the first load for the day. I don't do it before each load. The clothes will smell clean. And yes, leave the door open between loads.
Sep 4, 2008
12:53 pm PDT

Mystery solved
by joodyjr45
Just today I discovered the source of my LG washer's mystery odor. I could not for the LIFE of me, figure out why I was having such a foul smell every time I did laundry. I assumed a water line was leaking somewhere and water was settling under the machine.

Until today that is... when I started poking around in there and flipped the lip of that rubber gasket seal thingy inside the door back. I ran a couple Lysol Wipes around the inside of the rubber seal and the yuk coming out was alarming, and very telling.

I immediately came to epinions and sure enough.. someone else had the same problem.

I admit to never reading the manual completely and will take the required steps to ensure I keep the yuck at bay. This is a very expensive machine, there's no way I'm replacing it. I don't think I've even had it a year. Other than this, I really have no major complaints.

However, I still think this is a LOUSY design flaw and wish I'd known this before buying. I am an avid researcher, and unfortunately didn't come across any reviews that stated anything about this particular issue. I would not have bought this if I knew then what I know now.

As a side note, when having a new fridge installed and our old one moved to the basement by the local business that sold the new one to us, they basically said LG sucked and we'd be sorry eventually.

My kingdom for a time machine.

Oct 17, 2007
1:12 pm PDT

Re: Re: Why you Washer stinks and gets mildewed [bleach]
by froggsong
While I totally understand that some people are unable to tolerate bleach (never heard of it referred to as a "pesticide", fungicide, yes, but not "pesticide"), the person that I was commenting about did not mention an intolerance to bleach but merely total incredulity that they were expected to use bleach. Had they mentioned that they had a sensitivity, I would have been happy to offer an alternative. Actually I did, just leaving the door open is MORE than enough to keep it from getting moldy. I have YET to run the cleaning cycle, and I use bleach MAYBE once a month. One more thing, I have heard from my uncle's wife, she runs a cleaning company, that alot of people that have these machines (not all LG but the HE front loaders in general) do NOT, for some reason, use the HE detergents. Not only will this harm your machine, this will also cause a film to build up, and mold to grow. So if you are not leaving the door open, and if you are not using the proper detergent, then expect your close to stink and your machine to grow a garden of mold and mildew for your smelling pleasure. I am glad that my initial review/comment was helpful, and thank you for those of you thank thanked me directly. I would like to add that my clothes are looking better and better the longer they are washed in this wonderful machine, even though most of my clothes are old and in poor condition. It is like they have been given a second chance somehow... Even a shirt that accidentally got bleached when I leaned on a friends counter is wearable now, because somehow (don't ask me how) the bleach spots are washing out more and more every time it is washed... there is only a ghost of a white spot on it now. I love how it is so gentle on the clothes that there is hardly any lint in the dryer, yet all of my clothes come out SO clean and fresh smelling. I really don't know what everyone who is complaining about smell is doing unless they are not using the right detergent and leaving the door shut... You MUST use the HE detergent... Be aware also, if it does not SAY HE on the bottle, it is NOT HE detergent... just because it is concentrated does not mean it is HE... this may be a mistake that some people are making... (i.e. All Small and Mighty, I think they have an HE version, but it is not ALL HE, if it doesn't say HE on it, then it is just regular detergent with most of the water removed) The HE detergents are so important because they do not really clean with suds, they clean with enzymes. As a former housekeeper, I have cleaned with soap type cleaners and I have cleaned with enzymatic cleaners, and enzymatic cleaners clean better, hands down. Also, as I said before, using anything other than the proper detergent in these machines will damage the finish inside the tub as well as leave a film and allow mold and mildew to grow. Another tip, just because you CAN fill the detergent cup to the max does not mean you should. The detergent cup (for liquid) is designed to hold detergent and color safe bleach at the same time, so be aware that if you are putting in enough detergent to fill the cup, you are using to much. (Only fill to the max if you are using both detergent AND color safe bleach) Stuffing the tub almost completely full, you still only need to fill the detergent measuring cup (the cap from the bottle) to about the second line, sometimes between two and three. I use Purex color safe bleach in just about every load as well, and it makes the clothes come out even better. Also, because this is a low water machine, be sure you aren't using too much fabric softener. I can't use much because of skin sensitivity anyway, but a tiny bit goes a VERY long way in these machines. Also, I don't think it says so in the manual, but they told me when I called in, you should put the fabric softener in the dispenser, and then add water to the max fill line, otherwise it will not dispense properly. Keep in mind that it does several very shallow rinses, so putting too much in is just going to make you clothes icky and coat the inside of the machine with a yummy sweetness for mold to eat. Again, like I said before, I leave my door open after every load, and I only use bleach maybe once a month (other than color safe bleach, but I don't think that kills mold), and I haven't had to run the cleaning cycle once. I also don't have any problems with slime, smelliness, stiff or stinky clothes, nothing. Water accumulates in my trays, but other than when I use bleach and need to rinse THAT out so it doesn't get into my colors, I don't even dry it out, I don't see the point, it is nothing but water, and there is never any detergent left over. The only reason the bleach gets left in there is because I stupidly bought "HE" bleach, and it is so thick it cannot properly wash out of the cup. Anyway, I hope I shed even a little more light, so that other people can take advantage of this wonderful machine. I hope that the bad experiences of others don't turn off people who could otherwise have a very good washer. I really think that it has to be something that these people are doing, I really wish I could go to them and try to figure it out for them so they could enjoy theirs as much as I enjoy mine!

PS, I have to add one more thing... I see alot of people complain that they "have to wash everything in hot water!!!" actually, hot water washes better, and because of the way this washer washes your clothes, there isn't really as much (if any) danger of fading in the hot water. I wash everything in at least warm water, and I have on more than one occasion washed my darks in hot water, and even with the steam, and they do not come out faded at all. The colors are brilliantly dark, if you understand what I mean. My husband is in the Navy, and his utilities get very dirty, and I wash them in hot water, and they come out gloriously clean and not a bit faded at all, and they wash in hot every time. In fact, it is a mixed load. Dark pants (Navy blue) and light blue shirts. The shirts come out bright and the pants come out dark. So don't worry if you have to wash your darks in hot water, it shouldn't hurt them, there isn't enough water in the machine for the dye to float. (That's how colors bleed in our more traditional machines) So anyway, I have more than said what I wanted to, so I'll shut up now... :)
Oct 14, 2007
8:10 am PDT

Re: Why you Washer stinks and gets mildewed [bleach]
by EindallK.Stine
Thank you, 'froggsong' and others for your comments, and to the person who reviewed this machine. I learned much of these things with my front-loading and flawed Maytag Neptune that I'm looking to replace, but it needs to be very clear that BLEACH IS A PESTICIDE AND SOME PEOPLE CANNOT TOLERATE EVEN MINUTE AMOUNTS. Being flippant about chlorine bleach simply taints (pun would have been stains) otherwise helpful comments. The bleach residue doesn't go away for quite a while, either, so some people simply CANNOT USE IT (or smartly choose not to). Alternative to bleach: use WHITE VINEGAR and HYDROGEN PEROXIDE one after the other. Don't mix them! A university study proved this procedure to be as effective as bleach (and 10 times more effective than if you mix them). I try not to make fun of people who are ignorant about chemical toxicity, you might try not to scoff at those who are more sensitive and/or more thoughtful about everyday chemicals. Thanks all ...
Sep 9, 2007
10:44 pm PDT

Take out dispensing tray and drain out water???
by momof4nca
My in-laws own a Samsung Silvercare, which has the same kind of detergent, bleach & softener dispensing mechanism as the LG Tromm (in the upper left hand corner). They not only leave their washer door open, but they also take the dispensing tray out completely and invert it in the laundry room sink to dry. In this way, the tray does not collect water to eventually mold and the cavity of the dispensing area has a chance to dry. I ran a load in their machine, as I am trying to figure out whether to get the LG Tromm or the Samsung Silvercare, and when I took out the dispensing tray, there was A LOT of water accumlated in the tray itself and I could see some water in the cavity. Hope that helps.

I about 80% sure I am going with the LG TROMM. Thanks for everyone's reviews.
Aug 21, 2007
11:25 pm PDT

might be too much detergent
by crikster6
I've had an LG front load machine for almost 3 years. Never a problem with smells. (I do about 5-6 loads each week.) I do leave the door cracked open for a day after each load. About a year ago my husband and I went on a 2 week vacation and when we returned our washer had gunk and slime and a bad smell. I quizzed our daughter and found that she kept the door closed and was using a full scoop of detergent. I've found that it only takes about 1/3 of a scoop of TideHE detergent to get the job done and not leave residue.
Aug 20, 2007
7:48 pm PDT

might be too much detergent
by crikster6
I've had an LG front load machine for almost 3 years. Never a problem with smells. (I do about 5-6 loads each week.) I do leave the door cracked open for a day after each load. About a year ago my husband and I went on a 2 week vacation and when we returned our washer had gunk and slime and a bad smell. I quizzed our daughter and found that she kept the door closed and was using a full scoop of detergent. I've found that it only takes about 1/3 of a scoop of TideHE detergent to get the job done and not leave residue.
Aug 20, 2007
7:48 pm PDT

LG Tromm Front Load Washer
by mslucyc
Yep, this washer makes my clothes, towels, everything STINK BAD!!!! From the very beginning. Now I have to leave the door open ALL THE TIME, which is very inconvenient, to keep the smell from getting much worse. I have to wash everything in HOT water, it's ridiculous! VERY POOR PRODUCT DESIGN - WILL NEVER BUY LG AGAIN.
Aug 11, 2007
7:32 pm PDT

Re: Why you Washer stinks and gets mildewed:
by newfieemily
I totally agree with froggsong. I still love my LGWM2277, and have never come across any of these problems, as I have read these instructions thoroughly. Do all she says in her reply, and your problems will clear up. The machine is just that, a machine. It will not load your clothes, buy your detergent, I use TideHE, nor will it make you a cup of coffee and prepare dinner.
Aug 10, 2007
9:07 am PDT

Why you Washer stinks and gets mildewed:
by froggsong
You have to leave the door open until the washer dries inside. Because these washers makes an air and water tight seal when the door is shut, this should kindof be common sense... This is the only problem I have ever really heard of with these machines, and I have never heard it from people who leave the door open after they are done washing their clothes. You don't have to leave it open all the time, just leave it open until it is dry all the way, you can see if it is dry by running your finger under the rubber ring around the door seal. And yes, you should run the tub clean WITH bleach, at least once a month and probably once a week, though the manual doesn't say exactly how often... Did you not read the book when you received your machine??? It plainly states in the manual that you must run the tub clean cycle with bleach in order to prevent mold and mildew from forming. Don't act like this is a design flaw just because you did not read the book and it did not occur to you to leave the door open. It is understandable that it did not occur to you though, we American's are used to top loading machines that do not create a seal and therefore dry out when closed. Leaving the door open for a couple of hours after you have done your last load of the day should go a long way toward fixing this problem for you, and frankly, LG should have told you that on the phone. Also, why do you say they expect you to use bleach like it is the most horrible thing in the world??? Bleach is a sanitizer and isn't going to hurt you, your clothes, or your machine... If you regularly do a load of whites with bleach, you probably don't even need to do the tub clean cycle with the bleach as long as you start leaving the door open from now on. Anyway, I hope you have better luck so that you can start enjoying your machine. I love mine.
Aug 2, 2007
12:43 pm PDT

LG problems
by jbg16x
Good review...

I have a top of the line LG washer and dryer, love the color (blue), love the features and the pedestals...but I'm afraid of what is going to happen when the warranty runs out, why?? Because
I've had my service guy out 4 times to service the washer.

By the way don't call LG, you have better luck going through who you bought it from and then get the local repair guy who is contracted to repair it through LG. I'll call him directly and he in turn bills LG. So far he has had to re-balance the machine (two service calls-one by HHGREGG whom we bought it from and from our LG service guy-who is great). Then we had water lingering in the detergent trays...he replaced some strainers on the back and eventually had to replace the computer board.

Like I said the warranty is great, but all I've ever bought before is $100 washer and dryers and they have all worked flawlessly. Now I have a wife and two little girls so I figured better to invest in a real washer now vs. when they're in college. So I fork out the big bucks and have all this stuff break...and yeah my towels stink!!!

I also bought the washer since the laundry room is next to my home office and it was embarassing to talk to clients on the phone and they could hear my old washer working my washer shakes/vibrates so bad on the high spin cycle that we can hear the garage doors shake outside! LOL!! No kidding! So how do you think it sounds in my office now...lets just say I can't talk on the phone and wash clothes at the same time.

Overall the LG is o.k. and the warranty is great, but I paid a lot of money for something that wouldn't break, shake or make my clothes stink.....this LG just isn't that great of a value in my opinion.
Aug 1, 2007
8:15 pm PDT

Are you using the "hi-test" detergent?
by mpjacobs
We are looking at these machines, and one of the salespeople told us we had to use an upgraded detergent... I don't recall the name but he said it is in every grocery store. Thanks for the review AND the follow-up reviews - I'll ask this question and research more before buying.
Jun 21, 2007
4:27 pm PDT

I'm not alone!
by michele345
I was going crazy trying to figure out why my LG washer smelled so bad. When I get home I'm going to tell my husband to pull the seal out.

When we first bought the machine I called for service and LG never sent anyone because they didn't have anyone in the area. The closest LG repairmen were an hour away and I don't live in the middle of no where. Don't buy LG anything!
Jun 8, 2007
11:49 am PDT

Me too
by elzora, elzora is an Advisor on Epinions in Home and Garden
My Sears does this too, and the repair man told me to use bleach! ARG!!!

I share your pain!

Apr 14, 2007
10:42 pm PDT

Welcome to Epinions
by cmaw63
I'm sorry about the problems you had with your washing machine.

Well done on your first review.

Apr 11, 2007
10:58 am PDT