LG Tromm Bad Smell & Scum Buildup

Apr 11, 2007 (Updated Oct 23, 2008)
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Pros:Washes clothes well, gets out stains

Cons:Makes clothes stink and buildup of scum and slime is disgusting

The Bottom Line: Never buy LG again - their customer service is awful and who wants to clean scum and slime from their washer (and it's hard to clean!) on a regular basis?

I've had my LG Tromm front looading washer and dryer set for a year. Almost from the beginning we had a problem with all the towels STINKING (we wash towels in hot water) and the rest of laundry doesn't smell that good either (washed in warm water). We use only natural laundry detergent (doesn't have the chemical smell to mask things), so it's really obvious.

Then I discovered underneath the rubber ring/seal at the front of the washer an incredible build-up of gobs of disgusting scum and slime. Then, when I pulled the rubber seal away from the metal, the same scum was also behind the rubber!

I phoned LG customer service, and also had a repair man come out to look at it. I cannot believe this, but BOTH said this is a NORMAL occurence with LG washers and it's my job to perform regular maintenance on the washer by cleaning out the scum and flushing it with vinegar once a month!!

I am appalled. What kind of company thinks that this is NORMAL for a washing machine and that any customer would want to perform this task on a regular basis??

Obviously, this is bad product design. Even with cleaning the scum regularly, the water still stinks at certain points in the cycle - you can smell it plainly. I have never had this problem with 9 other washing machines I've owned before (we move a lot).

The last time I spoke to LG customer service I said: "Can I log a complaint here regarding this, or is there another number I should call, becuase this is just not acceptable?" And the customer service guy hung up on me!

I finally got the appliance store to send a repairman out again and he decided that the entire rubber ring/seal needed to be replaced. Which he did. Guess what? Our clothes still stink!

Needless to say, I will never buy ANYTHING from LG ever again.

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