Best washer I've ever owned

Mar 29, 2007
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Pros:Quiet, attractive, excellent at cleaning clothes, tons of options, huge capacity.

Cons:Makes old water pipes rattle but can easily be resolved with $20 hammer arresters.

The Bottom Line: Buy this washer if you like to save water but yet have incredibly clean clothes!

Because we move a lot, I've owned 3 washing machines in the past 5 years. My most recent purchase was to replace a 3-year old Kenmore Calypso that was leaving black grease marks all over the laundry. (Sears claimed it was due to the stainless steel coating of the drum wearing off. Yeah right.) Anyway, $400 worth of ruined clothes later, I was on a mission. I read every review of washers I could find and kept coming back to the LG. So, after numerous calls to LG Customer Service and visits to Best Buy and Home Depot, I decided to make the plunge. I am happy to report that after two months of use, I have no regrets about doing so.

We bought this washer and matching dryer (see my review for the DLE9577WM) from Home Depot because they had the best pricing and I couldn't bring myself to buy a washer from a bubble-gum popping teenager at Best Buy who had probably never done a load of wash in his life. I decided on this unit because I wanted the 4.0 capacity and this was the least expensive 4.0 model. I didn't feel like I needed steam as a feature, especially given the additional cost ($200-$300).

The delivery guys were great but they didn't level the unit, explaining that they had been to a recent LG training session and had learned that leveling it does not guarantee that the unit would be level because you're essentially just determining whether the ceramic top is level or not. Boy did we regret not making them level it! Because we have a tiny laundry room it was impossible to turn the washer on its side to get to the back and it took us almost an hour to get the thing leveled. I mention this fact so that no one else will fall for their installers' story!

Now that I've used the washer for two months I am sincerely impressed with its performance. Unlike other reviewers' stories of loud spin cycles, the unit is much quieter than my old calypso machine. We do not have a perfectly level floor and have had no problems with rocking, shaking, or loud noises. It has every cycle and setting you could ever want and I've used almost all of them. The clothes come out smelling fresh (I can't fathom why the laundry smells better coming from the LG than my old Kenmore but it does) and are much less tangled and twisted than any other unit I've owned. The washer uses tons less water because it's a HE and I'm careful to only use HE detergent (and two tablespoons at most) after reading all the warnings about how regular detergent can damage a HE machine. The cycle times are a little longer than other washers but because of how clean the clothes are, who cares? In fact, I washed a set of sheets that had set-in grease stains from my old washer and it actually got them out! (I re-washed these sheets 4 times in the Kenmore and the stains never budged).

The one and only drawback about this machine is that it's caused my water pipes to start hammering. This is not the washer's fault, apparently our pipes were not attached very well and the way this machine works brought that issue to light. When the washer first starts, it sends bursts of water to the machine to mix with the detergent and spray onto the clothes. This process lasts for about 5 minutes and the surges of water are very intense. We went to Home Depot and bought 2 hammer arresters for $12 each that attached at the water valves and that has solved the problem.

Overall, I am truly in love with my new LG washer and would recommend this model to friends and family - it's the best appliance I've ever owned.

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