High priced, short fall for LG, STINKY washer

Mar 31, 2011
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Pros:Lots of options, large capacity, delay wash timer, extra rinse options


The Bottom Line: I do not reccomen this washer. Not only is it making my clothes stink but it also has multiple places where water pools, which are stink breading grounds. Yuck!

I have had this washer for 1 week as of today and have done about 10-15 loads. I have used the cotton, sanitary, steam, speed wash, perm press, and tub clean cycles. After the washer ‘senses’ the load it give you the estimate wash time, and tells you where in the cycle it is.

When I got my washer delivered it had an odor. I wasn’t sure if it was just new rubber smell or something else. After a few washes I have clothes coming out with a stink from it. You can even smell the stink after they are dried. This was I had already used the sanitary and steam cycles. I thought the 'new' smell should have been gone but now believe it was not a 'new' smell to begin with.

I am not as 'wowed' by this washer as I was expecting to be, especially for its high price.

This washer has a steam feature but I don’t feel it works as well as described. When it’s used it does have a small flow of water that gets the clothes in front wet. =( It’s not supposed to.
As said in other reviews there is water sitting in the door seal as well as in the soap dispenser and even in the tubing behind the soap dispenser. This increases the odor problem.

Although it has an option of 'water plus' I didn't see any difference in the water level with this option on.

I am in an 8 year old house with the laundry room on the second floor. We had a 6 year old LG that was shaking our house. The old washer does not have TrueBalance™ Anti Vibration System load balancing technology. Sadly although there is a reduction in shaking we still have windows vibrating on the high or extra high spin speeds. Yes the TrueBalance™ Anti Vibration System kicks in quickly but there still is quite a bit of vibration felt even right on the floor around the machine. (Yes it is completely leveled, the shipping bolts are out, the leveling feet are locked, I even used a level on all side to check for levelness, and performed the diagonal rock test, and all results are perfect.)

My old washer also had both a speed wash and an option to ‘quick cycle’ most of the other cycles. This option would cut anywhere from 25% to 50% or more of the wash time by shortening the spins between washes and rinsing but not on the final rinse. This new ‘high tech’ washer does not have the option to ‘quick cycle’ the other washes. The speed wash is only 15 or 20 minutes which is GREAT!

The sanitary is about 1 hour and 45 minutes which I feel is a good time for such thorough cleaning.

You can add the steam feature to most washes. You can add rinses to I think all cycles. You can also choose between 1 to 3 extra rinses. I really like this. You can delay the start of the wash up to 19 hours which is nice and expected of such a pricey machine.

Although this washer has a tub light it’s because it’s needed! The door has a ‘smoked’ outer door panel so you cannot see into the washer with the door shut without the light on. I wish the door panel was clear. There also is a magnetic plunger that props the door about ½ inch open at best to allow for air flow. I don’t feel this is enough space to really allow the air to move. The hinges on this washer does not allow the door to open as far as other models. It does not have the ‘double hinges’ that other LG models have. So even when its open all the way open its only about 2/3 open so it’s in the way to walk past if you need to.

The soap tray has air wholes but this allows the loud noise of the water intake to be heard clearly.

The in washing spray has a decent power behind it so it does a fair job of helping wet clothes and moving wash water over the clothes.
At the end of the cycle it plays a tune to let you know it’s done, but when on a different floor from the washer, even when set on the loudest setting, it’s hard to hear.

IF this washer did NOT make my clothes smell terrible, I would rate this washer at about average because of its options, but not up to standards for its price.

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