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LG WM3987HW All-in-One Washing Machine

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Great for cottage! 110v, no vent needed!

Jan 27, 2011
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Pros:110v. No venting. Efficient water/detergent use. Design. Interface. LG quality.

Cons:Heavier fabric dampness.

The Bottom Line: Highly recommended! We needed a unit that used 110v and didn't need a vent. Design and interface are excellent, water, detergent, and power use are excellent.

No need for redundancy with specifications covered by previous reviews.  Perfect for my small cottage utility room with a 110v circuit and no vent with just a washer and tub to drain into previously..

Having had to use the clothes line outside to dry previously, which was impossible during sub zero wintertime temps, I considered adding a 220v circuit and vent and placing a stacked pair in the small room where a washer stood.  After researching this product and reading previous posts here on a smaller unit of the same type, I was psyched this was exactly what was needed.

I had Home Depot cart away old machine and install this one and it works like a charm!  I couldn't be happier.  The 4.2 CF capacity is good for a front load washer. Depending on cycle and settings selected, it may draw cold water to start wash and then use an internal heater to heat the wash cold water to bust out stains by using cold, warm, and hot water during the wash cycle(s).

With just the wife and I, we don't have a large demand and this unit will spin the cloths after the cycle completes so to minimize wrinkles setting in. The max spin speed (adjustable) is 1300 rpm and it will spin the clothes far dryer than the old top loader it replaced.  Mine is on a concrete slab so vibration is not an issue.

If the dry cycle is selected, keep in mind that a 4.2 CF capacity is NOT that large for a dryer, and if you load it full during the wash cycle, you will need to take half out and dry it in two loads, or accept some dampness when the clothes come out..

I purchased a few drying racks at Ikea for the heavier fabrics to finish drying.   Since this unit uses a 110v heating unit and condenser (similar to a dehumidifer) to dry, the clothes do not come out bone dry and hot.  But it doesn't shrink the cotton and denims like a traditional dryer does.

Water usage, or lack thereof, is great and it barely cycles the water pump in the house.

Detergent use should be measured with a tablespoon.  I am not kidding here. With so little water used, you may need 2 tablespoonsof powder for main wash and 1 Tablespoon for prewash (if selected).  Your not filling a large tub of water like an toploader!

The entire cycle to wash and dry can be a bit long, but completely understandable given the way this unit completes the task. Probably not the best choice in a primary residence with 4+ people.

If you have need of dryer in a tight spot where 220v and / or a vent is unavailable, the LG All-In-One may be just what you need, it was for my wife and I.  And you have no parasitic heat loss from sucking out heated house air.

It has an airtight drum when closed. Wipe out the door gasket and leave the door open between uses.

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