LG Xenon GR500 - Blue (Unlocked) Cellular Phone Reviews
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LG Xenon GR500 - Blue (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

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Loved the phone..until it completely stopped working.

Feb 19, 2012
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Pros:Keyboard, layout, camera, music player, micro SD card slot

Cons:No customized ringtones, screen, pocket dialing occasionally

The Bottom Line: Loved the phone! I would give it 5 stars if not for the issues I faced with the screen. Great for texters and anyone in general.

The LG Xenon GR500 has by far been my favorite cell phone, ever (and I'm placing it over smart phones, flip phones and other sliders!) I had it for two years and I was in love with it. I got the Xenon in a red color, which was more of a deep red and had a gray keyboard with pink highlighting the numbers. 

The keyboard itself was the main reason I liked the phone; so easy to use, perfectly laid out, it was my teenage dream. 

Some said they had issues with call quality and battery life, while call quality never was an issue for me, battery life started becoming sub-par after the first 4 months. But still, very tolerable!

The layout of the phone was very easy to use, everything was quick to get to! Plus, on the home screen you could pull down a menu to quick access of bluetooth, alarms and other settings! You could also customize the home screen with your music player, a clock, notes and pictures among other things.

The camera was another feature I adored. It was only 2MP, but I was taking pictures on it at a park that my friends would not believe were from my phone. Video recorder was a little shakey, but not terrible for a phone.

Now to the bad side of this phone. In all, I have had two different LG Xenon GR500s, and three different screens. After about a year, perfectly happy with my phone, the screen started becoming very delayed. I would go to recalibrate it, but often it wouldn't accept the changes. One day, it froze completely, on full battery. I came home from school that day to see it had turned off and would not turn on. The guys at AT&T had no idea what was going wrong, so they replaced it. A few month later, my family switched to a Best Buy mobile plan, keeping everything the same. But, after only about 4 or 5 months of getting my phone replaced, it did the same thing, again! Best buy took their lovely months worth of time to replace the screen, but after that it did work. Near the end of my having this phone, I did start to experience the screen difficulties yet again. I have read reviews on it, and a lot of people have never experienced that! So I guess it depends. I had one of the earlier batches of the Xenons in general, so that might have affected it.

Overall, my favorite phone I have ever had, feature and convinece wise. Great for texting and loved the camera and music player!

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