L'Oréal L'Oreal Hi Color Hilights Magenta 1.2oz (PV370218) Reviews
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L'Oréal L'Oreal Hi Color Hilights Magenta 1.2oz (PV370218)

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The Best Bright Red Hair Dye I've Found.

Aug 24, 2009
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Pros:Easy to use, inexpensive, long-lasting.

Cons:Not sold at major drugstores (Sally's only).

The Bottom Line: The best bright red dye on the market.  It doesn't fade nearly as much as most!

I've been searching for a good red dye for years.  L'oreal's product has finally fulfilled all the requirements.  I wanted something bright, something easy to use, and something that lasted a long time.

Firstly, I am thrilled that in order to dye dark hair with this, all that's required is a developing cream.  You do it in one step: mix the dye and the developer, and apply.  The hair in the front that I dyed was dark brown at the time, and after using this dye, I found that it lifted the colour quite well, and evenly at that.

The dye in the tube is a very thick paste, but once mixed with the developer, it turns into a cream.  It's not as easy to manipulate and apply as some other dyes I have used in the past, as it's still less liquid than most.  I apply it with my fingers (gloves on, of course), as I've found it's a little difficult to coat the hairs evenly if you use a tinting brush with this particular product.  It's not difficult to saturate the hair with this if you do use your fingers, but do make sure that you mix it very well beforehand so that the colour is even.  You won't have to use very much.  In fact, I've dyed my hair with this five times now, and I'm still on my first tube.  I'm only dyeing my bangs with it, but that's still a lot of applications for one tube.

One thing that's really attractive to me about this dye is how long it lasts and how nicely it fades.  I can't vouch for any other shades, but the Magenta that I use fades to a pleasant pink rather than a dull orange.  I find I have to reapply every month or so, and I wash my hair every day.  It's not an absolute necessity to reapply every month, as it's still nice and bright, but I like the colour to be as deep and vibrant as possible.  I'm sure if you are less picky than I am, you could go as long as six weeks.  

I haven't noticed any breakage, damage, or difference in texture after using this product.  The hair in the front is just as soft as the rest of my hair, which is not dyed using this product.  Just to be safe, I would recommend you use a good conditioner to keep your hair from getting too brittle.  

Overall, I am thrilled with this product.  It's easy to use, quick, and works better than any other red dye I have yet used.  It lasts much longer than any semi-permanent vibrant colours I've tried, and since you use so little of it, one tube should last you a long time unless you are using it for your entire head.

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