Lakewood 200I 20" Floor / Box Fan Reviews
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Lakewood 200I 20" Floor / Box Fan

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A very dependable product

Feb 5, 2010
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Pros:Durability, and slim frame.

Cons:Difficult to clean.

The Bottom Line: This is a very dependable product.

I own four of these Lakewood box fans. I have owned all four fans for 4 years now.  I live in Utah, and many of the houses here do not have air conditioning.  The most common way to cool the homes here is with a box fan in the window.  I have been very satisfied with this product for several reasons.


Being my main source of cooling, during the summer, these fans are run almost non-stop.  I use them frequently in the winter, as well.  I'm a very light sleeper, so I turn the fans on low while I sleep to drowned out any noise that I may hear.  So, these fans have run in the summer,and in the winter, with very few breaks, for the last four years, and I have not had a problem with any one of them.  This is a very durable and dependable product!


This fan has 3 speeds. Low, medium, and high.  Low is a very nice peace breeze, with very little sound.  Medium creates a very comfortable amount of air(Enough to circulate the air in my living room which is a 20 X 30 ft space).  You begin to hear the fan on the medium setting, but it is not too much of a distraction.  On high the sound becomes too much.  The fan puts out a strong gust of air, on high, but it sounds like it is putting out much more than it actually is.  I only use the high setting, if it is blistering hot, or if I shampoo the carpets and want them to dry quickly.


This fan is sleek and slim.  The fan comes with plastic feet that help it stand up, if you are going to use it on the floor.  I did not install the feet into my fans, because I use all my fans in the windows.  Without the feet attached, the slim frame of the fan fits perfectly into my windows.  The only down side to the slim frame is that I have to keep an eye on my son, who is 18mo, to make sure he doesn't stick his fingers in the fan.  The fan is just slim enough that it could get one of his fingers and do some damage.


Like I said, I have had these fans for four years, and I have not had to do any maintenance what-so-ever.  I have taken them apart to clean them a time or two.  They can get pretty dusty sitting in an open window.  Getting the outside screens off the fan is relatively easy.  There are six phillips head screws that hold the front and back screen to the frame.  These screws come out and go back in very easily. I take my screens off and rinse them in the bathtub.  You could also spray the screens off on the driveway, if you're opposed to using the tub.  Cleaning the blades themselves becomes a bit difficult.  Most fans allow you to take the blade off, which then can also just be sprayed off, however, on this fan the blade does not come off.  You have to wrap a rag around your finger and litterally wipe every nook and cranny on the blade.  This is pretty tedious.  Altogether, it still only takes about half and hour to clean this fan.

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