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May 11, 2009 (Updated May 11, 2009)
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Land's End pedigree
Good color choices

Cons:Can be snug on wide feet

The Bottom Line: Though designated as "winter clogs", these slip-ons are suitable for year-round wear.

They're my Mr. Potato Head shoes. They've got those big, round toes, plastic construction, and the signature blue color. You might not want to wear these to work.  Wearing these shoes to cut the grass is probably not a good idea. You wouldn't want to wear them to a formal occasion. You wouldn't wear these on an interview. You might not mind driving in these shoes, but I wouldn't want to do it. You definitely wouldn't want to jog in these. Some, except on the darkest of nights, wouldn't even want to wear this bulbous-toed footwear out doors. I'm actually wearing my blue, Potato Head shoes as I write this interview. But what are these Lands End Trello Clogs and why would someone buy them, let alone wear them?

Lands End Winter Trello Clogs Unisex

Go to the Land's End site and you'll notice that this particular shoe is also called a Fello. It's another version of a Land's End summer shoe called the Trello. It's a jolly good Trello too, a jolly good Trello. That, nobody can deny.  In wet or cold weather, however, it's preferable to have a solid upper on one's shoe, not the open weave of the popular Trello clogs.

The Land's End Fello or Trello is a slip on clog said to be made of expanded foam. To me the material looks similar to that used to make the once faddish Crocs except that the Land's End shoes are a little bit heavier and less pliable than the Crocs.
The Fello/Trellos shoes are available in red, black, brown, navy orange, and green. On the site each color is preceded by an embellishing adjective. Don't be swayed by those catchy adjectives.
The winter version of the Trello is lined with a thin layer of fleece and has solid uppers to keep the feet dry and warm. To enable easy slip on and slip off, the back of the Trello/Fello shoe is just high enough to keep your foot contained in the shoe. These shoes are great for those who can't or don't want to fool with tying laces.


Warm fleece lining/sherpa "fleece" footbed
Waterproof expanded foam upper
Easy slip on convenience
Molded rubber lugged sole for traction

On the inside of the shoe is a label with the shoe size, country of origin, and some esoteric symbols. I learned that the diamond symbols represent man-made materials. The weave or swatch of fabric symbol represents textiles or fabric. "This is one of the symbols the vegans, vegetarians and eco-friendly consumers look for because it means all natural or man made materials are used for the construction."

Wearing my Fello/Trello Clogs

I mostly wear my Fello/Trello clogs for trips to the mailbox or to fetch the morning paper. These shoes are especially great for wet weather because the walk to our mailbox is almost 50 yards, a bit more than a short dash.

The clogs also come in handy for taking the dogs out to do their business. Sometimes there isn't time to put on sneakers and tie laces when your pooch has an urgent need and doesn't want to wait. Other Trello/Fello moments might be: to get something out of the car, close a car door left open, put out the trash, put something in the shed or get something out of it, or to go out to see why a bevy of beautiful women is in the front yard.

The tread on the bottom of these clogs may be good for traction, but it's also good for collecting dirt. Heaven help the person who steps in doggy doo while wearing his clogs. At least a strong blast of water from the hose will flush the poo away.

Sizing for these unisex shoes can be a  little tricky. On the site a size equivalent for men and women is listed for each clog size. I chose size thirteen because I wear a size 9.5 or 10 regular shoe. The Trello/Fello clogs come in only one width. If unsure of your size, err on the side of caution and choose the larger of two sizes being considered. I like that returns of Land's End products can be made to your local Sears store, though I've never taken advantage of that convenience.

Yes, I definitely would recommend my Land's End Fello/Trello clogs even though those big, round toes make them look a bit like clown shoes. These are shoes to wear for short tasks, not sustained ones. I've had a pair of leather Land's End slip on shoes for over five years, and those shoes are considerably more comfortable and better fitting than my navy blue, expanded foam clogs.

Made in China
No animal products

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