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Oct 16, 2008
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Pros:easy to clean, WORKS, easy to use

Cons:no carrying bag

The Bottom Line: This is a great dependable pump

I did a lot of research on breast pumps before buying the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump, including looking at reviews from numerous websites. What I found was that this pump got the best reviews even compared to the $200-$300 Medela pumps that are supposedly professional grade. I also found out that this pump is just like the Ameda Purely Yours, which also got awesome reviews. I was wondering how much money I needed to spend to get a good pump, knowing I was going to pump every day and I didn't want to be so thrifty and buy a cheap bump that would break, ending up having to pay more to get a second pump... So I went with the Lansinoh and I love it!

*Double electric breast pump
*Patented System prevents milk back up into tubing and pump (you only have to clean 3 out of the 6 pieces, breast flange, valve and bottle)
*8 adjustable suction settings & 4 adjustable speed settings (allows you to simulate your baby's nursing)
*Built in bottle holders
*Allows for pumping into most bottles except Avent but an attachment can be bought
*AC adapter or battery operated

What you get:
*Lansinoh Double Electric Pump
*Two bottle
*Two bottle lids
*Two extra sets of white valves
*AC Adapter
*Instruction booklet

My Experience/advise:
At first it was a little awkward pumping both breasts and I wasn't getting much milk letdown so I recommend if you aren't used to a double breast pump or pumping in general to start off just pumping with one pump. Once I got used to it and found out the speed and suction that worked best for me I could pump 2-3 oz. in 5 min. if my breasts were some what full. I also bought an areola stimulator from Lansinoh which helped the milk come out much faster, this also caused me to feel no pain and made it a pleasant experience. If you don't get this awesome extra, your nipples could be very sore and enlarged. I've been pumping once a day, everyday for 3 months now and my pump still works great.

Quick Tips:
*Pump when baby is happy, sleeping or not hungry
*Pump when RELAXED, no matter how great the breast pump, you can't pump if you don't have milk letdown
*Get the areola stimulator
*Experiment with the speed and suction, try to imitate baby's suckling until you get the best results
*When milk production slows down readjust or switch breasts
*When milk production slows or for faster pumping, use one hand to squeeze breast as if expressing milk on your own
*Think about your baby while pumping to get milk letdown
*Make sure valve is on all the way, if pump slows down you might need to switch valves, it comes with 4 extra ones
*I got my breast pump on ebay for $90 w/ shipping BRAND NEW, the seal was broken on the box and could not be returned but all items were sealed in bags inside of the box to reassure me they had never been used

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